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Ten Things: Stressin’


Do you guys stress out? I don’t do it in the way that it frazzles or incapacitates me. I do it in the way where I just keep it in my head and think and think and think. And usually eventually I realize that it won’t help anything, but I can’t help stressing out for just a few minutes (or sometimes hours). I almost think that it’s healthy for me sometimes — it motivates me and usually helps me just put my head down and get to work.

So here are ten things that are on my stressy list right now.

1. Getting Make Your Day just right.
2. My hangnails.
3. A kink in my neck that just won’t go away.
4. The music that my husband likes to play while he works. It’s like stressful rock.
5. Feeling like I don’t have enough time to see my pals.
6. Feeling like I’m in charge of everything all the time.
7. Wanting to spend more time at the gym.
8. The pile of papers growing on my desk.
9. Wishing I had time for two full-time jobs.
10. The fact that Los Angeles seems to have forgotten that it’s supposed to be fall.

Ugh. I feel better now. Seeing them written out kind of takes the wind out of their sails a little bit. Maybe that’s a good exercise for me. Ha! In any case, I’m pretty excited for the weekend — I get to spend two days at Freutcamp, forgetting about my cares and just getting inspired. Will I see any of you there?

And hey, what stresses you out? Big stuff? Small stuff? No stuff at all (you lucky duck)? Let me know. xoxo

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14 thoughts on “Ten Things: Stressin’

  1. I stress out about my husband stressing out! I just want him to be happy. Slowly learning that people have to stress every now and then 😉 Maybe I should get him to write his stresses down too!

  2. oh i know, there are many of those in my list as well. Sigh, can’t wait to slowly get rid of them. Thankfully my husband plays jazz when he works, so that works for me.

  3. I am the worst for stress. But I like to work under the pressure too. I just have a bad problem of letting things build up and then letting them all out in one go. My fiance hates when I do this.

    Thanks for sharing your stresses with us though!

  4. So I feel like when people comment on my blog to vent their own crap or talk about themselves I kind of sigh a little in my head and skim through it… but I don’t even care if that’s what happens with this comment. I feel like reading your list of stressors makes me want to get my own out there. Can’t post em’ on my own blog– too personal. So, ready or not, care or not, here are mine.

    1) I have no money in my bank account and I am a shopping freak. I’m visiting my husband’s home town and trying to stay away from my favorite store here. Not sure if its going to work.
    2) I finally got the nerve to speak up for myself with a superior at work. I’m sort of worried how my direct boss took it and what they are thinking about me, even though I’m proud of myself.
    3) My baby is a cranky mess from being sick and teething and its wearing me out.
    4) My husband doesn’t have a job. He’s super creative and talented and can’t find anything that fits his niche to help pay the bills; therefore I’m stuck working full time when all I want to do is raise our son and have more babies– not work all the time and deal with drama there.
    5. My own hangnails and the fact that I bite them and CAN’T MAKE MYSELF STOP
    6. I forgot my contacts at home for my long weekend and its sunny outside.

    PS) I loved the one about your husband’s music choice. Ill themed music for the mood you’re in = no good.

    Oh man I feel better now. 🙂

    1. Girl, I’m so happy to give you a place to vent! I love comments of all kinds, so let it out. 🙂 And on a related note, I have such respect for moms like you. Raising a little one, especially while being the breadwinner, is practically a job for a superhero. Keep on keepin’ on.

  5. Im a big worry wart (ew) So much so that I don’t really notice it and then all of a sudden have 5 new hangnails. Oops. Trying to be present and live in the moment is a really powerful way for us over-thinkers to get out of our heads and back to the things that make us happy. Like cronuts.

  6. I hate it when I stress out about something very small but I just can’t handle it and can’t come down. That stresses me even more and I’m totaly down. Not nice.

    Thanks for your very personal posts. It makes me feel like I’m not alone.

  7. You are all so young, you are most likely all doing a fine job of everything, but don’t allow yourselves to affirm that to yourself! When I think back on everything I did during the busy parts of my life, I ask myself how I did that! And at the time, I didn’t allow myself to appreciate how well I was doing it. Remember to b r e a t h e. 🙂 And keep listing your blessings. You hard-working young women are a huge blessing to the earth. Blessings to you all!

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