Ten Things: Relax

Ten Things: Relax

These days, I’m feeling anything but relaxed. Alt (and the prep leading up to it) was such a whirlwind, and now we’re elbow-deep in planning for Meet/Make/Do. So I’ve got my game face on until about mid-March, when I’ll hopefully take a mini vacay and breathe for a bit. But I thought I could at least daydream about relaxing, and that got me thinking about my favorite ways to chill out. Some of them are weird and don’t seem relax-y at all; others are straight out of a relaxing textbook. Or would be, if there were such a thing.

1. Working out outdoors.

2. Cooking breakfast and eating it at home.

3. Travel.

4. Hunting for yard sales in our neighborhood.

5. Marathoning a favorite tv show.

6. Swimming.

7. Sharing a meal with friends or family.

8. Taking a camera out on a walk.

9. Binge-reading a junky novel from cover to cover, preferably in a beach chair under an umbrella.

10. Driving when I don’t have to be somewhere.

Basically, you’ll find me doing all of the above in March (hopefully)! I love the process of working hard toward a goal, achieving it, and then being able to recharge and regroup. So what about you? What are your favorite ways to relax? Let me know and then go chill — it’s the weekend! xoxo

14 thoughts on “Ten Things: Relax”

  1. You cats are the cutest. I love a good hammock pic. I’m with Kelly, it is usually magazines that I read on my couch under the lamp with a comfy blanket. But really a night away is the best way to fully relax. (P.S. I love the Roundhouse Design ad. Dude.)

  2. Nice list! We could definitely be relaxing buddies! Here’s a couple of my relaxies: gardening, digging through boxes of things that have been packed up forever, organizing drawers and cabinets.

  3. Gosh.
    Mid March I’ll join you under the umbrella, we can take turns making fruity drinks, and trade off trashy novels after we finish them.
    Between teaching, wedding planning, and this freakin weather I can’t wait 😉

  4. Yes! Binge-reading is so good. I’m a fan of binge reading teen fiction. Plus, I could re-read Harry Potter any day.
    Anything to do with a hot beverage is relaxing for me. Also, mojitos 🙂

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