Ten Things: Being a Kid


There have been so many moments lately where I’ll see a kid on the street or out and about and I can’t help but remember how much fun it is to be little. I have no idea why it keeps happening right now! Maybe I feel like too much of a grownup.

In any case, I loved being a little kid, and here’s why.

Otter Pops after swimming.
Jelly sandals.
Having a big sister to simultaneously torture you and take care of you.
Cursive homework.
After school baseball practice.
Swingsets, sandboxes, my Cabbage Patch Doll tricycle.
Tunnel tag.
Piggyback rides.

Come on, this is fun you guys! What were some of your favorite things about being a kid? In all honesty, by the time I finished making that list I was grinning to myself. Telll me your faves, and have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

15 thoughts on “Ten Things: Being a Kid”

  1. This list so made me smile! I was just yesterday talking to my hubs about otter pops in the pool 🙂 My list would have to include scooters, pool parties, playing in the sprinklers, playing dress up, and building forts.

  2. You were such a freaking cute kid.It’s like a mini version of yourself today, you look the same!

    Loved being oblivious to “adult” things of life. Even though being an adult rocks (I get to do what I want!) not worrying about house payments, adult drama, and work really was bliss.

    Oh yeah, and being able to wear overalls. I really miss my overalls.


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