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Ten Things: Jealousy


These Ten Things lists are becoming a little cathartic up in here, people. Today’s took me about two hot seconds to write. I’ve always known that I tend to be a jealous person, which is not a trait that I’m proud of. I’m never jealous of material things, but I’m jealous of people who I think are really cool or talented or creative (or beautiful!). It’s so interesting — you can really start to tell where your confidence is lacking when you think about what makes you jealous. Crazy.

So! In the spirit of full disclosure, here are ten things that make me jealous! When I look at them in a list they almost look silly. Maybe this is a good exersice! And as usual, I truly love to hear yours in the comments, too. Let it out, y’all. xoxo



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16 thoughts on “Ten Things: Jealousy

  1. Love your honesty! You’re so right that jealousy is a reflection of our insecurities. Difficult to accept, but can teach us a lot! I’m with you on being jealous of great singers and undeserving successful people 🙂

  2. I completely understand #7. Introducing a new friend to one of your old friends, hoping it will bring the three of you together, and then they end up closer without you… the worst.
    I get jealous of people with flat tummies and girls who get to wear cute bras 😛

  3. agreed.. on pretty much all of them:) well, except for #5, i have a horrific singing voice and always have, so it’s never been goal of mine, haha:)

  4. Oh my! I identify with almost every single item on your list (I’m not really too hung up about good surfers, though). This is such an interesting idea — not only does writing these things out somehow make them seem less significant (they’re perhaps less daunting when they’re in black and white on a piece of paper than when they’re always bouncing around in your head), but it’s also a great way to connect to others who probably share a lot of the same jealousies. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. I am so with you on like all these minus the hair day. I don’t really care how my hair looks. If it’s bad, it bad. Anyways, I do 100% agree with you on all the other. Also add people that can save money cause I am broke and any money I save gets spent on important things that had to wait, like oil changes and vet visit. Sigh. One day.

  6. I love this! Numbers 1, 2, 4, and 8 are so true for me! But you gotta make the most of what you were given, amiright? 😛

  7. This list could have been written by me!!! This is super convicting girl! Thank you for being willing to share.

  8. Gosh while I was reading your list I totally agree with them. As I thought in my mind the things that make me jealous… I am a little angry at myself for thinking these silly things but I still feel jealous afterwards!

  9. #4- YES! Especially those people who just pull off that natural hair & face – no product, no makeup- look daily.

    I’m also constantly jealous of optimists.

  10. I totally hear you on #4…hair that without any product dries naturally into perfect, frizzles waves (grrr). Also the people whose clothes never seem to wrinkle or collect lint. You know, the people who never seem to spill anything either!

  11. Love these series! Number 4 and 8 – damn those people! I’m really jealous of people who can air-dry their hair or who have perfect skin. Also people who can wear heels and look like it’s comfortable.

  12. I agree with everything on your list and would add girls with awesome…racks!! Pretty much just girls that are a real cup size – I’m stuck between an A and a B and it drives me nuts!

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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