Ten Things: Fall


I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. Fall is juicy and delicious. It’s this little snippet of a magical season, and for me it’s never long enough. Wherever I am, it usually seems to last all of two weeks and then BAM it’s winter. Or summer hangs on forever and there’s almost no fall at all. But when it’s there, there are just a few things that I love so much about fall they make me wiggle my toes and feel like I’m in a movie or something equally awesome. Here they are.

1. The way the air smells. Like dry leaves and a few people using their fireplaces for the first time.
2. Those random cobwebs that float through the air. Am I the only one that notices those?
3. Long-sleeved shirts but no jacket.
4. Warm drinks, be they pumpkin-flavored or not.
5. Dark nail polish.
6. Holiday planning.
7. High school football games.
8. Something a little more glowy and warm about the light at sunset.
9. Making stew.
10. A gust of a breeze that shakes leaves from the trees and makes them rain on you.

Ugh, it’s all so good! Please please tell me I’m not bizarre and the fall makes you feel warm inside, too. What are your faves? Have a great weekend! xoxo

13 thoughts on “Ten Things: Fall”

  1. Dude you got ALL of mine EXCEPT I love back-to-school time WITHOUTHAVINGTOGOBACKTOSCHOOL. ha! New pencils and little kids with backpacks. When I moved into my new house 5 years ago, I saw a little kid getting on a bus and mom was outside waving and dad had a video camera, waving and (in my car) I went “First day of school!!” Still one of the most darling things I have ever seen.

  2. All of it, everything, I go crazy putting out the fall touches in my house. We get to wear long pants and brown shoes. The harvest slows, the earth calms and takes a breath.

  3. I’ve heard that spring is the perfect time to fall in love. NO, no, no! Fall in the perfect time to fall in love – will it be a guy a new sweater, it’s up to you!

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