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Ten Things: Embarrassing Moments


Oh geez. Here it comes. I don’t want to do too much preamble here, because I’ll probably chicken out on actually telling you some of my most embarrassing moments. So let’s just do this. Cue the circus music.

1. When I was teaching high school, I went through an entire day with a size sticker on my new pants.

2. The first time I hung out with Kelly, as I said goodbye I stepped off a curb and fell flat on my rear.

3. After I fell on my rear, a gardener rushed over and hoisted me off the ground in a bear hug. (Insult to injury. I think we should invent a law that when you fall in public people have to pretend not to notice.)

4. In guitar class in college, I raised my hand to ask the professor if I could use my ¾ size guitar. It came out, “Does size matter?” Think about it.

5. Before going onstage for a show in 8th grade, I puked my breakfast up right in front of God and everyone.

6. Speaking of theatre, playing the title role in Gypsy a few years ago, one of our actors forgot to make an entrance and left me and one other woman onstage with nothing to do. Longest two minutes of my life.

7. After Mr. Lovely proposed, I thought I was going to pass out and had to sit down with my head between my knees.

8. An epic voice crack on the high note in my first big high school solo.

9. Because it happened just a few days ago, I’m going to collectively say all of those times that the zipper on my pants just won’t stay up.

10. That time in 5th grade I called my favorite teacher a dork in front of the whole class. I have no idea what came over me!

Hope this gave you a good chuckle for your Friday – Mr. Lovely was reading it over my shoulder and just shaking his head. Sometimes my life feels like one long episode of I Love Lucy, with him just sort of good-naturedly laughing at my shenanigans. Okay, somebody please put me out of my misery and share a story in the comments! Oh, and have a great weekend. xoxo

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21 thoughts on “Ten Things: Embarrassing Moments

  1. haa haaaa! ok…so on my sister’s hen do i thought i’d show them all how to move…only to fall flat on my face in the middle of the dancefloor!!!

  2. 4 & 5 resonate with me! once me and my friend went to a place called the hot dog king & she meant to ask if their hotdogs were regular size or footlong and it came out “how big are your hot dogs?” ha!
    and i threw up all over my desk/bookbag in 6th grade a few weeks after i started mid year at a new school!

  3. Haha!! Your fall only made me love you more!! Here’s one that Jeff won’t let me live down… on our first (unofficial) date, we went out to dinner and before we paid, I went to the bathroom. While I was in there the check came. When I came back, I saw money on the table and proceeded to say “Thanks for dinner!” He then awkwardly scrambled to pull out MORE money as he had only paid for his half!! I was mortified, but luckily he still decided to keep me around! =)

  4. Gosh, this is hilarious. When I’m asked what my most embarrassing moments are, I can never remember, yet I spend so much of life cringing that they definitely do happen!

    Oh, I have one: once at work, I was wearing a dress and as I walked out of the ladies’ loos, one of my (thankfully female) line managers came up behind me and untucked the back of it from my tights. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m normally meticulous at checking for skirt/underwear faux pas!

  5. I do and say stupid crap all the time so all the individual times just kind of wash together. But one thing my husband likes to bring up is that time when I found out they were putting an Old Navy in at my mall, I cried.
    We were driving in, and they were installing the sign, and I was so excited I cried. At Old Navy.
    I really don’t think I’m alone here.

  6. I just started at my new job a few months ago. We have quarterly “GEM” meetings with the CEO and all the bigwigs of the company, and all the new employees introduce themselves. One of the questions is “first concert”
    I wanted to say I didn’t want to age anyone by naming some hip hop artists they didn’t know, but I got flustered at inadvertently called everyone “old”. :/

  7. Aren’t you the one who kept that “TALLY” list going in the corner of the board in the choir room my senior year? 🙂

  8. I love the calling your teacher a “dork”, one.

    As if being dressed as a giant, tap dancing present isn’t enough, falling down in front of 100 elementary school students and becoming a headless present crumpled on the floor certainly is. I think you might have been there for that.. haha.

  9. Thank you for sharing these! Embarrassing moments are never great in the moment, but the ability to look back and laugh about them reminds me that life is way too good to take myself to seriously!

    I always think of the time I was in SF for an all-day field trip in high school. At lunch time I fully sat down on someone’s nachos – I got walk all over San Francisco with nacho cheese on my backside the entire rest of the day.

  10. I would totally tell you the last one that happened to me, but then I would have to go kill myself. These are soooo funnnyyyyy, thank you Chelsea and others for my laugh of the day!

  11. Kudos for sharing this list!

    I remember playing sack race in our sleeping bags on camp as a kid. The zipper on my bag broke and a pair of knickers fell out the bottom. They were ridiculed for days, but I never claimed them as mine, I was waaaay too embarrassed! Eeeeek! :s

  12. So funny! I loved the first one 😛 I remember some of mine, like pulling the safety shower in chemistry class. Couldn’t imagine being a real shower in a classroom.

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