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Sometimes I just have to giggle about how weird it is to be a blogger. Especially, for me, a DIY blogger. I consider myself a maker, you guys know that, so even though Lovely Indeed covers lots of crazy topics, I do love working with my hands and sharing what I make.

But sometimes while I’m conducting DIY-type business I stop and just think how crazy it is. First of all, that it’s a job at all (which I love and am so grateful for). And secondly, the bizarre behavior that I and the rest of my DIY blogger pals tend to exhibit. You can spot a DIY blogger a mile away if you know what you’re looking for. So I thought I’d share a few things that I find myself doing and then laughing about. Here we go.

1. Hoarding weird junk like cardboard tubes and scraps of fabric “in case they come in handy.”

2. Stopping in the middle of every single project to take step-by-step photos.

3. Knowing exactly which kind of glue is good for sticking any two things in the world together.

4. Thinking “I could make that,” shortly followed by “But will I make that?” every time you’re in a store.

5. Covering up that one part of the project that you smudged and didn’t have time to fix for the photos.

6. Having intimate knowledge of the layout of every craft/fabric/hardware store in a 20 mile radius.

7. Standing, laying, sitting, contorting the body into any position just to get the right photo. (Exhibit A.)

8. Having 18 pairs of scissors because they each do something just a bit different.

9. The endless hunt for the perfect glue gun.

10. Glitter on the bottom of my feet. Always.

If you’re a blogger, what are some of your kooky tendencies? And if you’re in another line of work, what is some of the weird stuff you do because of your job? I love this game! Have a great weekend. xoxo

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  1. English teacher- correcting grammar on signs in stores and hiding people from facebook who don’t know how to use you’re vs. your. (Not really, well, sort of really).

  2. I’m definitely guilty of #4. I say it so frequently, I almost never buy things for myself (and then, of course, I never make them for myself either)!

  3. Fashion Designer/Illustrator – I keep a ziploc bag of pencil shavings with the little silver metal sharpener inside. It somehow always ends up on my coffee table to weird people out wen they come over. Sometimes people think it’s potpourri, and sometimes they think it’s a snack!

  4. not a blogger but a general DIYer and this list is great. How about spending thirty minutes a weekend answering questions from friends about different products and projects, always thinking about different ways to organize craft materials, always having a running list of projects to work on, always having that spot of paint, glue, glitter on your hands and clothes, and I totally echo the “I could make that… but will I” followed by “how much will it cost me to make” vs. “how much is it at the store”
    have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. Love Exhibit A – relieved to see this is ‘normal’ blogger behaviour and not just me 🙂 I have a pair of scissors that don’t even work – they are just photogenic and make a great prop!

  6. Haha – nice list! I am an aspiring DIY blogger… as in, I am a blogger but am trying to get good at some DIY stuff. More of an education for me and to get over my perfectionist tendencies, since often projects don’t turn out quite perfect but they are lovable anyway! Something to remind myself. 🙂

  7. Yes to all of these! Also justifying the purchase of innumberable papers/dishes/containers to use as props, scrolling through your photos to realize that 100 of them are the same with an object scooting along millimeter by millimeter until it’s just right, and every available surface covered in crafting supplies and half-finished projects.

    AND, you know you’re doing it right when you get Home Depot gift cards from each of your relatives for Christmas!

  8. Hilarious. I am pretty sure I’ve made that same exact pose before. I would add constantly planning how to get good light for photos. I definitely think “I can make that!” for a lot of stuff…but time is precious and often that falls away. 😛

  9. Great list! I can totally relate. I live in a really small apartment, so my Christmas crafting led to pretty much every square inch being covered in glitter dust. There’s definitely worse things though;)

  10. Great list, Chelsea! I have glitter on my clothes/hair about 80% of the time. Also, having a well lit corner of the house filled with props that’s reserved for my ‘photography’. And rushing home to take photos in daylight…you should see the looks I get when I tell people I need to get home before sunset 🙂

  11. I can totally relate. I’m an artist and have my own blog. I have gotten to the stage where I will have to use up all the cardboard, bottle caps, wrapping paper, ribbon, etc I have before i can buy or collect anymore. Its getting way out of hand!

  12. hahahaha, I think this is quite true! My favorite one is number 4 because I’ve been doing this since I was a kid…
    Sometimes I think I can make a looooot of strange things though.

    Kisses! 😉

  13. This is hilarious! I love 5! Definitely do that one. Though I’m not a DIY blogger, I definitely hoard white matte board for backgrounds for photos, and enjoy opening up my blinds for natural light while taking photos while I’m wearing pjs and laughing that *almost my entire apartment complex could see me!

    1. Oh my gosh, we have a floor-to-ceiling window that I usually shoot in front of, and I’m sure my across the street neighbors know waaaayyy too much about me. 😉 I hear ya!

  14. ha ha! I was a foreign language teacher (now we’re supposed to say “world language,” or “modern language”), and I used to keep old toys, pictures, and other gadgets because someday they would come in handy in class, for oral practice. And many did. I was all about storage tubs. 🙂 I hear ya!

  15. I have just started blogging this week and my arm hurts from taking photos at a weird angle this morning on my kitchen counter and editing photos with every spare moment.

  16. Yes yes yes! Love it! I’m a singer and this weekend I’m writing on the topic of music engraving…which is basically what sheet music evolved to! Love you guys, so inspiring on all my levels… DIY, photography, blogging, creative! 🙂

  17. oh, like own a hundred rolls of washi tapes and still find reasons why you need 10 more? Or that corner of the room that’s super pretty and neat for a photoshoot, and the rest of the house total chaos? 😀 I hear you girl 😉 xx

  18. Raiding the Target dollar bin and then taking cute pictures of it to post on Instagram so that my pals will go “ERMERGERD where do I get that??” and I go “TARGET!! Hollah!!” and they go “I am going right EFFING NOW.”

  19. THIS IS MY LIIIIFE. Haha, great list! My wife sometimes comes home to crazy studio set-ups in the kitchen, where I’m standing on the table trying to get the perfect shot. Gives the whole “it’s not what you think…” moment a new meaning. 😉

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