Ten Things: Coveting

Do you ever just get so itchy to go shopping? Gahhh I have it bad recently. I think whenever a new season rolls around I just want to go and chuck my whole wardrobe and start fresh. I never actually do it, but I sure do dream about it. Sometimes I find that browsing pretty stuff online almost does the trick, though. So I decided to dedicate today’s Ten Things to my materialistic side and try to avoid spending a bunch of money by just sharing pretty things with you. We’ll see if it does the trick, yo.


Glasses. Clutch. Clock. Hair scarf. Phone case. Dress. Top. Lip gloss. Swimsuit. Shoes.

That alarm clock is killing me slowly with cuteness. And I’ve never had a high-waisted swimsuit, but I’m thinking this might be the year to test one out, retro-style. Has anybody ever rocked one of those? Would love to know your opinion.

Phewph. Okay, I feel a little better. Although now I just kind of want to go on an accessory shopping spree at F21. I’ll try to hold it together. Have a great weekend! xoxo


9 thoughts on “Ten Things: Coveting”

  1. All those things are so very pretty, they are making me start to daydream about a new wardrobe too…. I’ve never tried a high waisted swimsuit, but I have been coveting them lately. You have to admit, they are just so awesome and can possibly be very flattering!

  2. ME TOO. And I adore all the pink!!! <3 I have decided to get rid of half my clothes- literally! They are things that I don't like how they look on me, or don't fit quite right, or just over…so of course I will need to do some replenishing shopping…! 😉

  3. You’re not alone with wanting to chuck your wardrobe come spring. It happens to me every year! And no matter how many swimsuits I already have, there’s something new I want to try. I think the alarm clock is my fave though!

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