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I have one goal today, gang, and that’s to celebrate each other. Sometimes I get bogged down in the minutia of life and am overwhelmed focusing on the negative. But I know that there are wonderful things happening all around us all the time, big and small, and I think today should be about those. So. I wanna know what good things are happening for you today! Tell me, for reals! Maybe you just got a new job or maybe you just found a lucky penny or anything in between. Tell me so I can celebrate you!

Here’s mine: I thought the bougainvillea in my backyard was dead, but it’s starting to bloom again. 🙂 xoxo


6 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good”

  1. Hi Chelsea!

    I got a new job and I’m really excited for the change! I’m a teacher and I get to work in a supportive environment. I am excited to share here because it makes my transition seem more concrete. 🙂


  2. Baby girl is 8 months and JUST took her first bottle! I cried, I was so happy that I may now get a tiny bit of freedom:) yoga? Dinner date? A dentist appointment?
    She also giggles the best giggle when she is standing and it just makes everything better.


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