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tell me about it

Pink Stairs

Escaleras Rosas by Serch.

We’re making our way through the summer, and I’m kind of dying to know how yours is going so far! I feel like I just got to a place where I can slow down and enjoy it just a bit, now that we’re more settled into our new home. I’ve got to try to get in a few adventures while the gettin’s still good!

So I’d love to know about any awesome stuff that you’ve done this summer, trouble you’ve gotten into, trips you’ve taken — I wanna hear it all! Inspire me, so I can make the best of what’s left of these long, wonderful days. xoxo

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15 thoughts on “tell me about it

  1. My summer: Well, Buffy and i were in the semi-finals–the VERY SEMI-FINALS, mind you–of the ping-pong tournament and Buffy hit a great big shot and I stepped RIGHT…ON…THE PING-PONG BALL!!!! Well, I just stepped RIGHT ON IT!!! (annnnd for 64,000 tax free dollars…..) xoxoxo

  2. My summer has been a mix of whirlwind and lazy, and I love it! In LA until the 1st if you Lovelies want a playdate… 🙂

    “But Darling, I’m your Auntie Mame!” God bless Rosalind Russell for existing.

  3. I went to my first festival this summer! Latitude Festival on a beautiful farm in Suffolk England. The sun only shined for one day but the music was amazing and there was also so many great art events and craft stalls which I enjoyed exploring. My favourite music acts were First Aid Kit and Rufus Wainwright.

  4. Excited for my fiance to visit so we can spend my 27th/our 7th anniversary together. (Aug 1&2) We’re going up to beautiful Sedona, AZ to spend some time in the (slightly) cooler weather!

  5. i’m a vascular surgery resident so there’s not much free time..i’ve been on transplant surgery call the past five weeks and it’s been exhausting. however, in between the horrid 27 hr shifts and blurry nights, i’ve been able to watch the sun on glorious post call days, get some exercise in and read my favorite blog (yours being one of them). it’s funny but the more immersed i am in the hospital, the more i realize that people who are dedicated to happiness/aesthetics/beautiful things/funny things/creative things are often more important in life than the doctors “saving lives.” although my job is important in many respects, what most of my patients need is a re-working of their spirit and soul, and medicine can’t do that. thanks for your blog! it’s important!

    1. Wow, Marlene! First of all, I think the world should be thanking YOU for the work that you do — it’s something that so many people could never even dream of undertaking. I guess it’s a testament to the fact that it really takes all kinds to build a village, huh? So glad that you’re able to take little moments to yourself during your insane schedule.

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