technology is the new black


Image from the Computer History Museum.

Have you noticed lately that technology is getting more and more chic? And not just in the figurative sense, but in the literal sense too  — I mean, aren’t cell phones just beautiful now? And isn’t the decision between this computer case and that computer case just as tricky as deciding what to wear for the day?

I have to say, I’m not sure whether it’s fashion guiding technology or the other way around, but there’s no doubt that the two are becoming more and more intertwined. These days, I do my shopping online. I decide what to wear based on what’s on my Pinterest board. I cover my cell phone in a case that compliments my purse. And the technology with which I surround myself is beautifully designed, sleek and fits right in with my personal style. (Remember when a computer was a giant hunk of plastic and glass?)

The folks at HP have clearly known this for a while, and they’ve got a super cool contest happening right now for you folks who can’t get enough of the fashion-technology combo. They encouraged designers from all over to design a laptop bag that would be a perfect fit for their Ultrabook. There are so many great designs — the creativity is blowing me away. The finalists have been chosen, and now you get to help choose who wins! To see them all and vote for your favorite, check out the contest page here.

I love the ones that you can wear in multiple ways — fashion and function is the name of the game! xoxo

This post is sponsored by the sleek, stylish, lightweight HP Spectre XT Ultrabook™, inspired by Intel. Vote for your favorite bag design!
HP Contest


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