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Table For Two



Confession. Mr. Lovely and I have been eating dinners on the couch. You know, when we were living in NYC I would have given my pinkie fingers to have a dining table. And now we do, and the habit is so ingrained in us that we just migrate to the couch with our dinner plates. Sheesh. It’s got to stop.

So we decided to try to treat dinners like an occasion. Even if it’s the middle of the week, or we’re tired, or whatever. And we documented our first attempt for you here. I set the table with all of my fun DIY napkins and glasses and business, and Mr. Lovely got down to cooking us a quick, delicious meal. Campbell’s has these new super-simple simmer and slow cooker sauces, so we thought we’d try one out! We grabbed the chicken marsala and he went to town.




Literally, about 15 minutes after we got the first pan out of the cabinet to start cooking, we were sitting down to dinner. Cooking, table setting, the whole bit. Mr. Lovely just steamed up some green beans, heated some rice, and fixed up the chicken marsala to top it all off. The simmer sauce was crazy easy — just brown the chicken, toss the sauce in, and let it do its thing. We topped it with a few fresh mushrooms just to be fancy. And we sat down at the table just as we were — no makeup, no changing outfits (even though we were taking photos), just us having a regular old dinner.



And you know what? It was delicious and easy and it felt so good to sit down at a table to a hot meal like real people! When’s the last time you set the table for dinner like it was a special occasion? Is it something you do every day? I feel like in my head cooking a meal is so hard to get done, especially if you’re busy or tired, let alone make the meal beautiful and special. But with fast recipes like this one, it’s always less tough than I think it’s going to be.

So what’s the verdict? Are you couch eaters or table eaters? And how much time do you like to spend making dinner every day? xoxo



This post brought to you by Campbellโ€™s Dinner Sauces. Weekend-worthy dinners with only weekday-level effort needed! Learn more at

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23 thoughts on “Table For Two

  1. I need to start eating at our dining table more often! It’s currently buried under papers and such meaning our house eats most meals on the sofa. I love how pretty you’ve made your dining table look – definitely seems like you’ve made eating into a special occasion. xx

  2. It’s definitely 50/50 for us! We always, always eat at the dinner table on Sunday nights, but the rest of the week is fair game for whatever we feel like. Sometimes my husband will just surprise me and set the table while I’m cooking, which is always nice! I don’t know that I’d have the energy to set a full table like this though, so bravo to you!

    1. Thanks Joelle! It truly just took a few minutes — I was so pumped that from start to finish the whole dinner prep (cooking and all) was just 15 minutes. That’s my kind of meal. And I love your Sunday night tradition! That’s a perfect way to mix it up.

  3. Oh everything looks so pretty and elegant!
    ah we’re eating on the couch too.. we should definitely stop that and have a dinner..

  4. My husband and I are guilty of eating our dinners on the couch! We’re moving and getting a lovely dining room table, so I’d like to stop that and start having nice dinners at a table together like civilized people. =)

  5. When my husband and I first got married, we used to sit in front of the TV and eat dinner. We’ve recently been limiting our TV time to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So we are way more likely to eat dinner at the dining table now. I like it a lot because we aren’t just zoning out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. I get some much more done during the week and we enjoy are weekends much more because we get around to doing the chores during the week.

  6. I am trying so hard to eat better, those sauces sound like a good idea. Did you make those tiny acorns? I love those. Pretty, pretty table.

  7. One thing that has stuck with me since I’ve been married is the thought “Why do we work so hard and try to look/be our best for all the strangers out there, but our spouse gets the sweat pants and lazy remnants of the person we were all day?” Hubby and I are not perfect and often find ourselves eating in front of the tv, but I love your reminder to put in the effort and make a regular old dinner together and occasion!

  8. The problem with this is that Campbell has GMOs and chicken has arsnic and white rice has very little nutritional value. Hope your veggies were at least organic!

  9. My husband and I are sooo guilty of coffee table eating too! I tried to enforce an ‘eat at the dining room table’ rule, but I’m apt to break it just as much as he is. At the end of the day, at least we’re still eating together (maybe just with a few of our fav reality show stars as well…no biggie) ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Peter is gone most nights for dinner, and I’ve found that eating dinner at the table alone makes me feel lonely (how sad is that?!) So I typically sit on the floor in FRONT of the couch and watch TV (I guess I don’t feel like I can balance my food very well if I sit ON the couch).

    We don’t have a coffee table yet, so my dinner is usually elevated by an overturned box…

    Typical new-apartment life.

    1. Wait. This is super weird. When Ryan and I are eating on the couch, he’s on the couch and I’m on the floor, leaning on the couch. I can’t hold a plate right when I’m sitting on the couch either! Maybe we have weird laps. Or something. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, if Peter’s gone for dinner, you should come eat with us!

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