surf cupcakes

We had Mr. Lovely’s birthday party at Reunion, which is an underground surf bar in Midtown.  It’s super cool, because it’s not so themed-out that it’s like a tacky tiki bar, but it’s enough to make you feel like Gidget on her best day.  The folks at Reunion were beyond gracious, and we had a great time!

To go with the venue, I whipped up some cupcakes with a little surf theme.  The cupcakes were Funfetti (um…  YUM.) with cream cheese frosting that I tinted blue to look like water.  Then we crushed up some shortbread cookies and sprinkled the crumbles over a portion of each cupcake, to make a little mini-beach.  I got some white and brown melting wafers and made little chocolate surfboards, flip flops, and flowers, and popped them on the tops at random.  I was so happy with how they turned out!

Alooooooha!  xoxo

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