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Style with Color

Last weekend my dude and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair here in LA! It was tons of fun, and we actually picked up a couple of these crazy things for our living room. In any case, if you’re wondering what to wear to your next craft fair (obviously a burning question in everyone’s mind), here’s my take on it.

Craft Fair Style

Style Romper

I mean, I’m gonna ride this romper trend as long as it lasts. They’re so comfy, especially for the summer. Deck it out with some layers and colorful accessories and you’ve got a party. Oh and by the way, that Epiphanie hobo bag is actually a camera bag! Isn’t that rad? xoxo

How to Style a Hair Scarf

Stack Brooches

Fair Style

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      1. Hi Chelsea, gorgeous outfit! I love the aqua/yellow combo. Just wondering, is the heart the standard size or mini size? I love it so much I want to buy one! Thanks!

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