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Style // Alt Wishlist

Here it comes, folks. The season where blogland is all abuzz about that crazy little conference we like to call Alt. If it’s new to you, Alt is a design and blogging conference held in late January in Salt Lake City. And when I say conference, I basically mean a three-day party/fashion show/blogging bootcamp.

Naturally, people lose their minds over what to wear to this thing, because these bloggers do not play around when it comes to getting decked out. My first year, I remember agonizing over what to pack and making a bunch of weird choices of things that I wouldn’t normally wear. Which only resulted in me being uncomfortable most of the time. Last year I think I got a little closer, with a few mistakes that I wish I would have left behind. This year, I’m sticking to my uniform — comfortable basics, a few fun accessories, and some pops of color and pattern to mix it up. (Oh, and by the way — I’ll be wearing the same color palette all week just to make packing easier.) After doing some online browsing, I came up with a wishlist for my Alt look this year.


Sweater. Hat. Necklace. Ring. Phone case. Boots. Tablet. Jeans. Bag.

For me, it’s gonna be all about being comfortable and accessories that will help me get my conference on. A big bag to tote my tech, a cute note pad to jot down important things, a good iPhone cover (to help with my Instagramming, obviously), and a few other touches. Oh, and that necklace is an absolute non-negotiable. And the beautiful thing is that rather than go crazy running around and shopping, I think I can mostly put things together from my own closet. The frenzy about what to wear at Alt sometimes reaches a fever pitch, and this year I’m all about keeping it simple and reasonable.

Are you heading to Alt this year? If you are, can’t wait to meet you there! And I’d love to hear if you have a style plan or if you’re just gonna wing it. xoxo

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12 thoughts on “Style // Alt Wishlist

  1. I am going for the first time and I am very excited, other than the packing anxiety. It doesn’t help that I am currently very pregnant. I am so glad to know that someone will be going for comfortable-cute because that’s the only way this mama rolls!

    1. Awww, congrats Carla! And I’ll have you know — I think a baby bump is the coolest accessory you could find. Can’t wait to meet you. 🙂

  2. I’ll be there! Hope to meet you!

    I was planning out outfits last night and I’m struggling to find a balance of what I know I’ll feel great in and what I think its perfect for Alt – thanks for this post!


  3. When I leave home for a single night, I struggle to bring clothes for two days max (because I could easily bring clothes for five days, just in case I change my mind).

    I would probably wake up thinking too much about outfits ideas during the night if I went to Alt haha

    By the way, that ring is super cute!

  4. Excited to see you (and everyone) there! As a work from home gal, leaving the house (not in gym clothes) anytime gives me anxiety, so ALT will just be another one of those “Oh, I have to leave the house?” situations that cause anxiety! Thank you for the pro tips – was debating heels or not during the day; you just convinced me to stick to flats! 🙂 See you soon!

  5. Admittedly, I’ve been thinking WAY to much about outfits (and business cards) for Alt recently. And am planning to put together an outfit post next week, since I’ve been doing so much virtual shopping lately. Anyway, love the outfit you put together. Comfy and cool. See you in about a week!

  6. Totally agree—that necklace it a must! I’m going to same route and shopping my closet this year and picking a few outfits I love and that are comfy too… including a gray long sleeve sweatshirt!

Join Our Newest Mini-Series, Totally Free!

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5 Days to a Purposeful + Joyful New Year

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