stamp set

Just had to share this awesome little stamp set that Santa dropped in my stocking this Christmas.  It’s the coolest thing — two stamps that you can fill with letters to say whatever you like!  There are large & small letters, along with plenty of punctuation and symbols.  My head is spinning with possibilities!  Just to try it out, I made a little greeting tag.  What would you use the stamps for?  I can think of about a zillion things!  xoxo

11 thoughts on “stamp set”

  1. I may need to pick this stamp set up for myself as I’m thinking of making some stamped business cards for my blog soon. Thanks for the tip!

  2. “Inherited” some of these when te post office in my building closed. Wasn’t sure what to do with them, but never considered little personal messages – thank you!!

  3. I live in South Africa. I am DYING to get that stamp set but I can’t find it anywhere and that site that you suggested only supplies to the US and Canada 🙁 any idea how I could get my hands on one?

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