sponsor: brika

I’m so, so stoked to be helping the awesome women behind BRIKA as they launch their new craft commerce site. It’s already got such a beautiful beginning, and you can tell that these girls have passion! They describe BRIKA as “an online shopping experience that celebrates craft, storytelling and the belief that our lives are as beautiful as we wish to make them.” Is that gorgeous, or what? And so true to everything that Lovely Indeed stands for.

The site is soon-to-be-launched, but in the meantime you can sign up for the newsletter and be one of the first to know when it goes live! You can also check out their blog (my favorite post is about how they came up with the name of the company). I’m just such a fan of their design aesthetic, their branding, and most importantly, their message:

There is a way to carve out a more beautiful corner.
To build what you love into what you do.
And to share it with the world —
One lovely piece at a time.

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