Some Things I’m Loving // An Unofficial Gift Guide

I haven’t done a gift guide in a long, long time. And this isn’t necessarily one. But it’s more like a little roundup of some things that have come into our lives lately that we are living for and making life a lot lovelier. Ya know, in case you need an idea for the holidays. Or just an idea for something that might make life easier. So just consider this an unofficial gift guide full of unofficial gifts. 😉

First off, I shared these briefly on Instagram stories the other day and I am so excited about them! On long car or plane rides is one of the few times we let the kids watch tv and movies, and we were on the lookout for some replacement headphones. The old ones we had were corded and the kids would always get them tangled. These cordless ones from LilGadgets are perfect; they’re adjustable so they’ll fit for a few years, they have volume control so they can’t get too loud, and they’re specifically designed to stay on a kid’s head. Also, a portion of each purchase goes to organizations that support bullying awareness and prevention.

Next up, we got the kids’ Christmas jammies! We chose these for Maggie (I mean SO CUTE) and these for Henry, and we’re going to add a little DIY flair to his pair. I’m thinking a gold foil Christmas tree or moose head or something similar would look super cute. We have this tradition in our family where all the little kids wear their Christmas jammies one morning and go out to my parents’ house for brunch sometime in December. They all look so dang cute.

Here’s something off-the-beaten-path and that I’m loving! The team at We Are Knitters sent me a couple of knit kits and I’m knitting again! I haven’t knit anything for years. I’m starting with this chunky delicious snood and then I’m going to try this sweater kit! I’ve never done anything as complicated as a sweater but I’m pumped for it. I love the kit idea because it sort of takes a bunch of the stress of choosing the right materials away for you. I’m loving knitting a little each night, too.

And finally, the BAAAAAG! The bag that I shared on my IG stories and everyone in the world messaged me about. It’s good, gang. The confetti bag from Packed Party is so dang cute and you could try to buy it for a holiday gift for somebody but then you’d have to talk yourself out of keeping it forever. I’m going to do my level best to part with it and give it to my niece for Christmas. Also, if you go to their website hunt around a little bit and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find a gift for your bestie, your sister, your hairdresser, and all of the other fabulous fabbies on your list.

And there she is, gang! All the news that’s fit to print. Have a beautiful fall weekend! xoxo

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