Sneak Peek: 25th Street Recording


I know I’ve sneakily mentioned a couple of times the video DIY that I have coming up, in collaboration with my friend Chris from 25th Hour Films. Chris is an old pal (I’m talking junior high, people), and now that we’re both all grown up he had the brilliant idea to collaborate a bit and put together a DIY film. He’s crazy talented (you have to check out this video he did of Nouvelle Vague), and I jumped at the chance to work together. So we headed to 25th Street Recording in Oakland — it’s a crazy awesome recording studio in the heart of a happening spot.

While we’re getting some edits done on the film, I thought I’d share some shots of the studio. Seriously, you walk into that place and feel like a rock star. Brick walls, perfectly beat-up leather sofas, beamed ceilings, stairs made of reclaimed wood, not to mention some of the best recording equipment you’ll find anywhere. I half wanted to jump around and celebrate, and half wanted to turn tail and run because it was so legit.










Suffice it to say, it’s a gorgeous space and they have some really talented engineers there. If you’re ever in Oakland and need a studio space, look these guys up ASAP. Thanks, 25th Street! (And keep an eye out for the video, coming soon!) xoxo

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