Slow Down // 3

Sugared Cranberries

Welcome back to the slow lane, friends. I’m so loving our Slow Down and I feel like it’s got me in a really floaty, wonderful mood going into this holiday season. There’s so much to look forward to and so much to soak in and enjoy, and I hope you’re doing the Slow Down with us.

If you missed our first two posts about our Slow Down, check them here and here. It’s just a (beyond simple) way to keep your head during the holidays, instead of spinning out like I usually do, trying to get everything decorated/purchased/wrapped/baked perfectly. So what should we do for the Slow Down this week? I’ve been thinking and thinking about what might be a good way to just take a second and step into a space that lets us all really enjoy the holidays. But that’s a little different for everybody, right? So I started thinking about one of my favorite things to do: make a list.

For this week’s Slow Down, what if we made lists of the things that we love? Like, not just in our heads, but on actual paper with an actual pen. (Even better: pretty paper and a pen that you love. I know we all have our favorite pens.) Make a list of the things that you love in any category you like — maybe things you love about your family, or about the holidays, or about TV, or ice cream, or whatever. Just make a love list. I promise it’ll put you in a good mood. Then do whatever you want with the list. Hang it on the fridge, mail it to a friend, throw it away. Whatever. Just make it.

Here’s mine. Things I love about November.

anticipating Thanksgiving
foggy mornings
my kids playing with their grandparents
the last of the leaves falling
wearing cozy hats on walks with family
seeing people go crazy over Black Friday
making Christmas lists
starting to listen to holiday music

Happy listing, my friends! xoxo

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