Slow Down // 1

Slow Down

Happy Holidays, gang! Can I officially say that now? Like, if you consider Thanksgiving through New Years the “holiday season,” then I think I’m in the clear. You know that I looooove the holiday season, but I also have noticed that the older you get the more stressful it is. So the past couple of years I’ve made a concentrated effort to work ahead during November and take a good chunk of December off. And while there’s lots of hustle to get to that goal, it makes the holidays so much sweeter.

I’ve also made a point over the last couple of holiday seasons to just take a moment to slow down on a daily basis and enjoy something holiday-ish. A special recipe, a Christmas song, a cup of hot cider, wrapping a few gifts. Whatever. I find when I set work aside even for just a little chunk of time, space opens up in my head and I’m able to really get into the holiday spirit. So in that mindset, I’m keeping some space open on the blog once a week this month for a Slow Down. Nothing special, no tutorials, no “you-have-to-try-this-thing-because-it’s-so-awesome.” There will be plenty of time for all that. But today, let’s slow down.

Take a sec. Think of one of your favorite things to do around the holidays. Baking cookies? Painting your nails bright red? Soup in the crockpot? Writing cards? Now go do it. And if you can’t do it right now, set a time to do it. Just slow down and enjoy it, without stressing about the time that you might be wasting. I promise, the time will come back to you. 🙂

I’ll admit it, this Slow Down is as much for me as it is for you. So I hope you actually try it, and I promise I will too. I’ll let you know next week what I did for my Slow Down. And feel free to comment down below what you might do for yours. Happy Holidays, dear readers — let’s make them extra cozy this year. xoxo

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