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Your Skin After Baby



You guys. I’m learning that there are approximately one zillion things that no one warns you about when you have a baby. It’s like there’s this secret litany of crazy things that happen to your body after that baby is born, and no one really wants to talk about it because you might just run away screaming. But I’m here to keep it real, so let’s talk about my skin.

It’s always been an issue, if you remember. During the first trimester of my pregnancy I had spots on my forehead that would put a high schooler to shame. And now, after having the little guy, I’m battling some crazy stuff again — there are a few breakouts (although not as bad as before) with these insane patches of dry skin that will. not. leave. I have tried it all. Exfoliation. Moisturizer. Voodoo rain dances. Nothing was working, until this stuff.

I figured that since bareMinerals was my answer last time, I should see if they had anything that would help out my adorable scaly skin. Turns out, there’s a new product called Complexion Rescue — it’s somewhere between a BB cream and a CC cream and a simple tinted moisturizer. I gave it a shot, and no joke, within about a week the dry patches were clearing. My skin has been getting smoother and more hydrated, and I’m not bombarding it with scary amounts of exfoliation or creams. I love this stuff because it’s double duty, like feeding your skin some great moisture and putting on your makeup at the same time. (I’m all about time savers these days.)




On our trip to LA recently we stayed at an airbnb with these gorgeous fruit trees in the backyard and Mr. Lovely suggested taking some photos back there with Henry. A couple of weeks before, it would have stressed me out to hop in front of the camera and I would have immediately taken to Photoshop to fix up my skin. But with the dry patches cleared up I was all about it. And Henry was cooperative too (that delicious little nugget)! It’s so nice to just feel fresh-faced and not have to worry about hiding any imperfections. Just like bareMinerals’ mantra: Be original. Be natural. Be good.

If your skin needs a little rehab these days what with the winter months, you definitely want to give this stuff a try. I’ll be using it to get through these crazy post-baby skin times! And I’m curious — if you have little ones, did you experience anything crazy with your skin after they arrived? xoxo




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9 thoughts on “Your Skin After Baby

  1. Happy birthday! You’re exactly two months ahead of me. 🙂

    But I had to comment because you *need* argan oil. My skin gets crazy dry, but argan is the only thing that really moisturizes. I’m all for natural and just bought coconut oil soap about a week ago (which, so far, I love), but coconut oil on my face feels gross. Argan oil, though? Amazing.

    I love Bare Minerals, but if you need something deeply moisturizing, check it out.

  2. Thanks for this! I’ve already pinned it! I’m not sure if it’s the bright colors or the fact that Henry is so stinkin adorable (definitely the second), but this is a terrific photo series!!

  3. How sweet to see Henry in your arms. You look great! BTW no one ever thought to tell me about stretch marks being permanent?!

  4. Ehh, for real! My skin went CRAZY when Ari was 2 months old. Worse than ever before in my life. It was such a harsh blow on top of everything else. And can we talk about when all your hair falls out??? Terrible….

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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