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January 30 2012 |

It’s Monday!  And I’m kicking off the week with a special peek at Lovely Indeed’s fancy new business cards.  Let’s start with the what, and then we’ll get to the how.

Ta-da!  I thought the rounded-corner, double-sided action was nice, so I definitely wanted to get them professionally printed.  That said, though, they obviously needed a DIY touch, so here’s what we did.

I enlisted my {brilliant, awesome, patient} sister for some help and we got down to work.  She started punching out polka dots from a roll of pretty gold washi tape that I had in stock.

She would hand me stacks and stacks of little sticky polka dots, and I would place them {painstakingly, one by one} on each business card.  There was a little trial and error involved, but eventually we got it down to a science.

It was a bit of work, but I’m so pleased with how they turned out it was definitely worth it.  And now, because I love them so much, I want to give them to you!

I’d love to send you some snail mail with my business card and another special little surprise that I had printed up especially for Lovely Indeed readers!  If you’d like to get some pretty mail, send your mailing address to hello{at}lovelyindeed{dot}com and it’ll happen!  (Promise, no junk mail, and your address won’t be distributed whatsoever.  This is just for funsies.)

Thanks lovelies, and I hope I get to send you something cool!  xoxo

**UPDATE 2/4/12:  Business card mailers are no longer available, but keep an eye out for future Lovely Indeed reader appreciation offers!

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