reunited and it feels so good

Reunited with who, you ask? Well, darlings, it’s not so much a who as a what.  And what it is is a toe ring.
I know, I know, a bunch of you are those people who hate feet and all things feet-related.  And to you fine folks, I say:  stop reading now.  Go google something.  To the rest of you who don’t mind foot-type situations, maybe you can hear me out.

In high school, I bought a toe ring in Santa Cruz on a trip with my best girlfriends.  It was perfect.  It was a string-thin silver hoop that tied in a knot around itself.  I put it on my toe.  It stayed there for three years.  Then it broke.  I was never ever able to find another one that I could commit to!  I mean, I don’t plan on taking a toe ring off and on and blah blah blah, so it better be good enough to be around long term.  Not too loose, not too tight, nothing flashy, something I can feel on my toes but doesn’t pinch, no studs or sparkles or razz-matazz.  Just a toe ring.

Well dears, I found it.  My sis and I were getting mani-pedis in honor of her baby shower (which I’ll blog about soon!) the other day, and while drying our tootsies, we found ourselves smack in front of a case of toe rings, with the perfect one inside.  We asked to buy it, they called over a lady who sized my toe (3 1/2, thank you very much), slipped it right on there, and went on her merry way.  My sis even bought it for me, which makes it that much nicer.  🙂

And I find now that the feeling of it wiggling between my toes is a comfort somehow.  A comfort!!!  Isn’t that weird?  There were a few moments of stress with the baby shower, and each time, I wiggled my toes and felt it there and for some reason remembered that I am still me, and everything is cool.  Like it’s my own personal little rebellion or statement or whatever, and I like that it’s there.

And so, I’ll leave you with this:  what is your thing?  Your thing that may be little, or silly, or unexplainable, or misunderstood by others, or whatever — but you like it and it makes you feel good, and so it’s sticking around.  I wanna know.


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