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Reader Survey Results!

Survey Results

Hey-oh!!! We’re so grateful to all of you lovelies for taking our most recent survey. It’s truly so helpful to hear from you individually and know what’s on your mind, both good and bad, about Lovely Indeed. We have some new goals and projects with the blog and your feedback will be one of our strongest driving forces behind it all. So thank you! And this time around, I wanted to actually share some of the results, feedback, and questions that you had — just for funsies. So let’s start with the most shocking results of all…

Survey Results

You guys, Twizzlers and In-N-Out?! Color me shocked. I myself, as you may recall, am a Red Vine girl through and through. And yes, In-N-Out is amazing and I fully cop to eating there at least once a month… But if I still lived in a town with a Shake Shack I would be all over that! But let’s talk about the real stuff here.



Turns out most of you love coming to Lovely Indeed for the DIY content! Makes sense, huh? And out of all of the types of DIYs we create, your faves by a landslide are the home decor projects. Next fave? Party projects! One of our goals is to amp up our party content to help you celebrate even more. Aside from the DIY content, lots of you appreciate more personal posts (although there are a select few who just don’t need to hear it, and I totally understand!). I don’t ever want to overwhelm you with our personal life, but that’s what this blog started out to share, so we’ll keep infusing bits and pieces here and there.

We also asked what you want more of, and your responses were kind of surprising, to be honest! I love being surprised! A whole bunch of you actually asked for more product roundups, specifically with products in certain price ranges (under $25, spend vs. splurge, and so on). YES! I love this. Whenever we do roundups on Lovely Indeed I try to keep every item at about $100 max, and usually fall quite a bit below that. But I’m a lady on a budget too and I totally love the idea of different styles of roundups for favorite fashion or home products in various price ranges, aesthetics, and more. Good idea, guys!

Also? You want DIY and food videos. But not just any videos — videos of projects that you can make in 10 minutes or less. Coming right up, y’all.

And finally, you want more behind-the-scenes peeks! I see you, you nosy little lovelies. KIDDING! I’m nosy too. We’ll be doing our best to share more behind-the-scenes with you; I have to admit this one is a shortcoming of mine because when we’re working I’m so singularly focused on getting the job done I kind of forget to take a moment and document our process. But we’re gonna get on it. Apparently you’re also interested in personal behind-the-scenes stuff — lots of you asked for more peeks of our house, my wardrobe, what Ryan is up to, and more. Ha! I love it!

Survey Results

When we asked who had made a project or recipe they found on Lovely Indeed, about 30% of you raised your hands! I’m so pumped that you’re getting inspired to make, and I would love to see that number SKYROCKET in the next year. So we’re going to focus on creating tutorials for attainable, affordable, fun, super-cool projects that you won’t be able to resist making yourself. After all, this is why I do what I do — I love to share and inspire creativity, and I think that making is a universal language that everyone can love in one way or another.

The DIYs most of you have tackled? Lots of you have created versions of our DIY games, and even more of you try our photo backdrops.

Survey Results

When we asked what we can do better, you definitely had some opinions! There were some awesome points made that we’re taking to heart and using to make Lovely Indeed a better experience for you. Lots of you love the DIYs but want to make things that are practical and useful, in addition to being cool and colorful. And I hear you! Some of my favorite projects are the ones I make for myself and still use years later. Consider yourselves noted.

Also! Even though I love our current site, it can be glitchy, tough to read or navigate for some, and it might be getting a little stale. So we’re working on a new site design that will hopefully address all of these things and make the lovely even… lovelier.

Regarding personal posts, it sounds like sometimes I get a little verbose when I’m talking about life and family. Ha! I don’t doubt it one bit. I’ll try to get to the point. 😉

And now, a few of your questions!

Are you having a boy or a girl?

Wouldn’t you like to know! Just kidding. We’re gonna tell you in a very fun way on Monday!

How far in advance do you plan posts?

Ha. This question makes me laugh. I’m a major planner, so probably… too far in advance. In the beginning of the calendar year, I look at each month and plan an overarching theme. Then quarterly, I go back and plan individual posts within that theme. Right now I’m actually trying to plan quite a bit farther in advance because the baby is coming at the end of September and I’d like to have lots of content lined up so I can go on a maternity leave.

Where do you get your inspiration? Ever run out of ideas?

Hands-down, what inspires me most is travel! We love to stay on the go because you see so many eye-opening, incredible things out in the world. Whether it’s a pattern, a color, a product, a dish at a restaurant, it’s all fodder for inspiration. Most of the time, I have too many ideas to tackle. (I think that’s a good thing? It kind of makes my head spin though.) But if I’m feeling the well run dry, I’ll take a day trip somewhere or just get out of the studio for a little while and I usually see something that sparks an idea.

What inspires your personal style?

Comfort and confidence, yo! My personal style is somewhat eclectic — I don’t know that I necessarily have a calling card when it comes to fashion, but I do know that my requirements are pieces that are easy to wear and make me feel fab.

How do you keep your photos so sharp and well-lit?

We could write for days and days on this one, but we’ll try to keep it simple! Here’s a list of our favorite equipment. We also shoot either outdoors or in an all-white room with lots of windows, so there is tons of natural light bouncing around. I mostly shoot in natural light because I don’t know the first thing about setting up lighting for photos! And time of day matters, too — we have about a 4 hour window that works well for photo shoots and if we miss it we just roll the shoot to another day.

What advice would you give to your younger blogger self?

Be you, no matter what anyone else is doing. Be you and be great at it.

That’s all for now! Thank you again to all of you who helped with our survey, and for coming back to read the blog again and again. WE LOVE YOU! xoxo

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Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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