rain, rain

Today is my sister’s last day in town!  We’ve been gallivanting all weekend — photos to come!  And I’m happy to say that this icky, rainy weather NYC is having didn’t slow us down a bit.  We outsmarted the rainclouds and did all of our outdoor toodling before they came along.  Then when it got rainy, we took things inside — think Broadway shows, shopping, and laying on the couch reading magazines.

So what do you love to do when it rains?  Are you one of those folks who puts on the rain boots and braves it?  Or would I find you curled up with a good book?  xoxo

{Image from Eudaimonia.}

3 thoughts on “rain, rain”

  1. I used to stay inside and read or watch movies. But living in Seattle I had to change my ways a bit. Now I have a pair of bright yellow rain boots and rain pants. I have always loved the rain, but I must say that I have a renewed appreciation for how enjoyable it can be!

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