pumpkin “carving”

Why the quotes around carving, you ask?  Well, we really didn’t technically carve a whole lot of pumpkin this year.  Our first one was a little sugar pumpkin, and because it was so tiny, we decided to go a different route and just dress it up a bit…

Anybody recognize the bow tie?  The second pumpkin was more etching than carving, because we had something a little bit intricate in mind, but didn’t want to carve our pumpkin to shreds.  So here’s the little guy that we ended up with.

Isn’t he cute?  We only carved the moon, stars, and the detail around his eyes so when the lights were out, he’d be just like a real little owlie, staring at you in the dark.

I mean, we’re no pumpkin experts, but this is enough to make me happy!  Let’s go trick-or-treating.  xoxo

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