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phillip light

Guys, I have a new favorite artist and I just have to share with you! If you don’t know Phillip Light, you’re missing out. I came across him on the web and just fell in love with his illustrations.

Phillip was kind enough to give us a little Q and A about himself and his work. Read on if you want to be impressed.

Tell us what you’re studying!
Right now I’m an Art major at the University of Oregon with an emphasis in Illustration, but I will be transferring to Art Center College of Design as an Entertainment Design Major for the fall term 2012. I will be studying various aspects of the Concept Design field for Animation, Film, and Video games. After school I would love to work for an animation studio as a Visual Development Artist/Character Designer!

Do you have any favorites among your body of work?
I just finished an illustration called “Laundry Day” which I’m really happy with and is definitely one of my favorites so far. I’m also really proud of my redesign project for the story “The Paper Bag Princess.” (Hey Phillip, “Laundry Day” is our favorite, too!)

What are your favorite tools? Do you prefer to work digitally or on paper?
I’m really in love with Photoshop CS5 which is the digital program I work in a majority of the time. I just think it’s really amazing to use brushes that create the effects of traditional tools without having to actually go out and by them. Haha! But I still love drawing traditionally. I always do my drawings on paper with pencil before I color them in Photoshop. My favorite traditional tools to use are colored pencil and ink with a brush.

I loved Phillip’s work so much that I commissioned him to do a drawing of my niece for her 2nd birthday. I was completely blown away by what he came up with!

Is this guy amazing, or what? He’s also always up for a commissioned piece (and his rates are amazingly reasonable, if you ask me!), so contact him for more info if you’re interested. Thanks Phillip! xoxo

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5 thoughts on “phillip light

  1. Wow, he’s so talented! I love that you did this for your niece. My daughter has the exact same little bear (we call it “wubby”)! 🙂

  2. ha ha ha ha I love that little bitty lady in the bottom left corner with the music note. Strikes me funny! 🙂

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