Thank You! (and a bunch of deep thoughts)


Just wanted to take a day to thank you all so much for your recent feedback on our survey. I’ve been reading through all of your comments and really thinking about how to implement the things that you want to see here. I’m just so grateful and lucky that so many folks took the time to respond, and were so eloquent in sharing thoughts about the blog. Thank you. (Giveaway winners will be announced later this week!)

I’ve been thinking and talking so much lately about getting down to the nitty gritty of what Lovely Indeed is and what I want it to be. And I have to be kind of honest with you guys — in the last couple of months, I have been a blogging machine. I mean, I truly always try to turn out quality content and make things beautiful, but it’s felt like it’s missing a little heart for me. I went back and read some of my very first posts recently, and I was surprised. There was a freshness and energy there that might be hiding these days.

Mostly, I realized that I have been blogging on autopilot out of fear. It’s scary to be out here, where it kind of feels like you’re all alone, just saying words and hoping someone will respond. The blog has gotten into a routine that feels familiar and has stayed there, partially out of fear that if I change things, I’ll lose you, my treasured readers and friends. And fear that if I do things in a different way than the huge, popular bloggers, I’ll be on the wrong track. And fear that I won’t be able to financially support myself and my husband if I lose sponsors or partners. That’s real, yo. This is my job. I’ve worked hard to build it, and I work hard daily to maintain it. And I want to do it really well (and fearlessly).

Going forward, I want to speak more honestly. If something’s not “amazing,” I don’t want to call it amazing. I want to be more specific for you all, and strive to find language that’s honest and descriptive. It’s so easy to just call everything awesome! and use a zillion exclamation marks and try to get everyone excited. But for me, it’s harder to get to the root of why I love something, so sometimes I avoid it. I want to stop doing that.

I don’t want to be part of so much noise that fills the internet. There’s a gluttony of information that you get to choose from, so I want to give you a reason to choose what I’m putting out there. I want to be more than noise. I want my DIYs to have a reason behind them, and be pertinent to my life. I want to give you quality ideas and content that will fill your heart, enrich your lives, inspire conversation, and ultimately bring us all to a better understanding of each other.

Sometimes I’m so concerned about keeping up and looking like all the other blogs with highly stylized shoots and pristine, Pinterest-worthy images that I put all of my effort there and don’t even know what to say about the images. Sometimes I have a fear that just capturing the ordinary, every-day isn’t good enough. And a fear of being judged for sharing our ordinary, every-day life. How crazy is that? This whole blog is about how the ordinary, every-day is lovely. How ordinary things are inspiring and beautiful and enough. Because I really, deeply believe that loveliness hides in every corner and crevice of life, and is just waiting there to be found and celebrated. Life is what you make it and how you see it. Life is lovely if you want it to be.

So. Thank you again for helping me think through all of these things, and for being part of the action here. I’m so excited to move forward with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit, and to bring you all of the lovely that I possibly can. You guys rock. xoxo

32 thoughts on “Thank You! (and a bunch of deep thoughts)”

    1. Behind the scenes is right! There are a million decisions that go on every day, and it’s so hard to explain why everything happens. But no matter what, I always just want to create a cool space for people to come and be inspired. 🙂

  1. Great post! I feel like I’m in a similar place right now. I’m trying to organize my thoughts around blogging and reorganize my schedule. My blogging habit has been set on an autopilot lately. Time for big changes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Love this post! These thoughts and even fears are things that perpetually live inside my own brain. No matter how long I’ve been doing this, a lot of days I’m pretty convinced my blog is a load of rubbish and that any day now people are going to realize it and I’m going to get evicted because I can’t pay the rent. (Do you see what I just did there? Completely irrational.) I think that’s why staying true to ourselves, our passions and the truth of our lives is so important. I swear one day I’ll figure out how to keep it all balanced, but I’m definitely not there yet. 😉 xoxo

    1. Giiirrrrl, I hear all that. And you are bonkers, because you’ve built a beautiful thing that people find inspiring. We have to keep reminding ourselves why we’re doing what we’re going!

  3. Chelsea, This is such a lovely post. You inspired me to share similar thoughts on my blog today. It can be difficult to remember what it all started out as and to balance that with the fact that blogging is our job, too. Staying true to yourself and your passion through such a public venue cannot be anything other than a huge challenge. It is an every day practice, I think. I’m so glad to be following your journey and thank you for reminding me to check in and stay true to my own. xo anne

    1. Just popped by to read your post and it’s so lovely. I’m glad you found inspiration to share! I think one of the best things we can all do for each other as bloggers is to stay authentic and inspire each other to be our best selves.

  4. Such a great result from doing your survey Chelsea to have these beautiful revelations. Exclamation marks can be hard to stop!! Can’t wait to see where you go with your work and if you ever get lonely you can always stop by twitter for a chat 🙂

  5. Wonderful post, thank you for the honesty :). And I want to say that the reason I keep Lovely Indeed on my must read list is because there’s a personality behind the posts. There are thousands of DIY’s and pretty pictures out there, but the voice is what makes you want to read the words between the pictures. I’m excited to see what you have in store and don’t doubt that it will be quite lovely!! (and I have no shame in using multiple exclamation points, sometimes I’m just that excited.)

  6. I love your bottom line: “whole blog is about how the ordinary, every-day is lovely. How ordinary things are inspiring and beautiful and enough….just waiting there to be found and celebrated.” It’s a wonderful blog.

  7. I just love how you find beauty – every day – and in the smallest things. That makes me very happy! Keep up the good work.

  8. Chelsea, you are truly inspiring. I think you’re great. Go with your gut and we’ll still be here. I know I will. Every day is lovely – you’ve helped change my outlook in the last few years I’ve been reading your blog. I appreciate that more than you could know. <3

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