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Paper Lovers, Rejoice

Truth be told, I have stacks and stacks of cards and notebooks and gorgeous pieces of paper in the studio that I just loooove. I love stationery! So when my pal Kristina said that she was opening a brick + mortar shop filled with her favorite paper goods, I had to have her stop by and share with you guys. This girl is hysterical (I’ve been reading and laughing out loud at her comments for years!) and she’s got a killer knack for choosing fun goodies. She’s one of those readers that has become a friend, and I think you’re gonna love her too! Check out her paper faves (and some fun extras too). xoxo

Paper Notebooks

Hello Lovelies! Chelsea and I go WAY BACK (if you count all the comments I post to her delightful projects!) and she graciously allowed me to rant about stationery in her little corner of the internet today. My name is Kristina (KB) and I own a little online stationery shop called Crumple & Toss. I am about to open my first retail space and have been loading up on SO MUCH cute stuff I just HAD to share, so here I am!

When I pick out cards for the shop, letters and words always catch my attention first. And of course they HAVE to be clever! Bold, black type on white heavy paper? OO LALA! But I also adore gold foil, hand-lettering, and bright colors. These beauties above are some of my favorites. And clearly writing notes is more fun when you have fancy pens to write with!

Humorous Greeting Cards

You Know Me | Fancy Coffee | Be Mine | I Can’t Even | Pens

Cards are a mail-able smile. A brightly colored envelope in your mailbox will do the trick all by itself, but once you get inside, the card really needs to bring it. I love cards with a spicy wit or a pop-culture reference that really connects the giver and the recipient. A really bad (and by “bad” of course I mean AWESOME) pun always gets me, as well as cards with a bit of a dry wit or weirdness about it. Side note – if you’re not decorating your mail with washi tape, like seriously what are you doing with your life?

Humorous Greeting Cards

Clueless | McConauHey Thanks | Rawr | Plants | You’re Really Pretty | Tape

HANDS UP who’s a notebook fiend? I love the newness of a fresh notebook. So much promise! How many ideas will you hold? How many brilliant thoughts (or grocery lists) can I fit in here? These little guys are my new fave. By BerinMade, a designer in the UK, this set of 2 (!!) cuties is perfectly pocket-sized; one patterned and the other gold-foiled. The textured cover and pink interior pages are ALL KINDS OF WIN.

Paper Notebooks

Hustle Hustle Notebooks | All Notebooks

As I grow my gift selection for the store, I am totally getting sucked into the pin trend and seriously, how can you not with cuties like these? I JUST got these in from Hello Lucky and I’m so glad they started making pins. I got a rose gold cactus pin at the National Stationery Show from them last year as a freebie and people are always asking me about it. Each of these pins are rose gold and pastel with a tiny pun (YAY!) and come on an illustrated card so it’s like a greeting card and gift in one! Genius!

Enamel Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins

PHEW ok that’s all for now but if you’d like to see what other treasures I have come hang out online at Crumple & Toss! Or even better,  if you’re local to the Boston area come visit me in my new location when I open in June! Thanks for having me, Chelsea!

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3 thoughts on “Paper Lovers, Rejoice

  1. The new shop is literally around the corner from my house. Can’t wait until it opens! I keep seeing her teaser signage changing and am eager to meet Kristina in person!

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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