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Do you ever have trouble packing for a trip? So often I’ll think that I did a great job packing and then get to a place and have all the wrong stuff. Or feel like I look like an alien. I remember one recent trip back to visit friends in NYC. My California was showing — I was a vision in pink, sticking out of a sea of black.

So on our last trip to Palm Springs, I decided to go big with the packing and rock out some pink pants that might not usually see the light of day. If there’s anywhere to make pink denim work, it’s that city. You would almost look out of place if you weren’t wearing something like that. Combine it with your brightest bag and a some fun patterns. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Obviously we had to get these shots at The Saguaro Hotel — you’ve never met a place with such perfect colors. And I’m sure you’ve heard me raving about them already, but do try to stay there if you’re in Palm Springs. We needed a place to stay during Meet/Make/Do when we were in a bit of a bind, and the staff was just so gracious and accommodating. So Mary and I spent some time running around and snapping photos.

psstyle3 Palm Springs Style

The ol’ vintage scarf in the hair trick has been my go-to lately for days when my hair is a mess (read: I didn’t wash it). Keiko Lynn has a simple tutorial right here for a really quick way to tie it up. I use this one all the time.



So what’s the verdict, dudes? Do you pack clothing depending on where you’re headed (weather aside)? Would you wear hot pink in NYC, or black in the desert? Do tell. xoxo

All photos by the magical Mary Costa Photograhpy!


12 thoughts on “Palm Springs Style”

  1. I love how colorful this is! I hate packing, I always feel like I forgot something, but what I do is try to put together a few outfits and pack them as they are, if not, I end up with tons of bags haha

    1. That’s super smart! When I’m really organized I do try to pack whole outfits so I know exactly what I’m going to have when I travel. It’s always easier, but somehow I don’t always get around to it…. 😉

  2. This was pretty much my EXACT outfit on Sunday. Pink pants, patterned tank (+denim button up) and yellow purse. Great minds <3

  3. I seriously love packing and trying to match my dress to my destination. Dresstination, if you will. Pink pants in Palm Springs, ya nailed it!

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