A Fluffy, Fun Winter Wreath DIY

A Fluffy, Fun Winter Wreath DIY

True story: The other day I made this wreath in the studio and I said out loud to Ryan, “I think I’m gonna call this our Dr. Seuss wreath.” And then he immediately replied, “Yeah. That or the Jennifer Coolidge…Read More

My No-Buy Challenge // Ten Week Update

No-buy challenge ten week update

Here we are, smack in the middle of what is essentially the Superbowl of shopping, and me in the middle of a no-buy challenge! Thought I’d hit ya with another update, and a place to chat if you’re participating in…Read More

A Different Kind of Gallery Wall

I think I’ve been saying for literally years that I wish we had more family photos around the house. I have thousands and thousands of photos in my phone and on my computer but getting them up on a wall is another…Read More