Baby Girl Nursery

Baby Girl’s Nursery

Oh man, it’s finally done! I was kind of worried Baby Girl would get here and we wouldn’t have a single diaper unpacked because for the longest time her nursery was a storage room for extra furniture while the remodel…Read More

Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

Confession. When I started looking for inspiration for Baby Girl’s nursery, I got tripped up at first. I kept picking little dude stuff! I definitely don’t know how to do “little girl” yet. I’d love for her room to feel…Read More

Your Skin After Baby

You guys. I’m learning that there are approximately one zillion things that no one warns you about when you have a baby. It’s like there’s this secret litany of crazy things that happen to your body after that baby is…Read More

Babyproofing with Style

Making Home Safe for Baby

A few months back when Ryan and I started taking stock of our belongings with regards to babyproofing our house, we had to laugh. Our place is basically a baby death trap — sharp corners, glass tables, pointy metal tchotchkes,…Read More

Hunting for a Baby Friendly Coffee Table

I know, I know. The kid isn’t even born yet and I’m looking for baby friendly furniture. But with a 4 year old niece and a 1 year old nephew who live around the corner and come to visit often,…Read More

Married Life // Getting Ready for Baby

I mean, is there such a thing as being “ready” for a baby? I’m starting to think not. You can pick the name, put together the crib (or watch your husband put together the crib), and paint the walls, but…Read More

Making a Baby Registry

Making a Baby Registry

I remember registering for our wedding, and it seemed like such a snap. Pick a store, go there, point the gun at what you want, boom. Done. But with baby stuff it’s a whole new ball game! First of all,…Read More

Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

Baby Boy’s Nursery Inspiration

I’m so pumped to share this little inspiration board with you today — Mr. Lovely and I have had such a blast putting together ideas for the little guy’s room. We really want it to be a place that we…Read More