diy valentine: your love is my drug

Hey dolls!  Today’s grown-up Valentine is a little silly, but I thought it might spur your imaginations up, away, and out of the box (of chocolates).  It’s a little tribute to Ke$ha, whose song “Your Love is My Drug” was…Read More

diy valentine: be mine heart

Up next in our DIY Valentines-for-grown-ups cavalcade is this little ditty, inspired by these adorable little “placecards” made by Ashley Meaders. All of Ashley’s creations are so sweet and inspiring, and the wedding for which she created these little beauties…Read More

diy valentine: i love you garland

Dust off your bow and arrow, because Cupid is coming to town, folks!  Remember Valentine’s Day in 3rd grade?  In my class, everybody got some grocery store Valentines (Garfield and the Smurfs were pretty popular), and we all ran around…Read More

Guerrilla Balloon Valentines

DIY Balloon Love Note Valentines

Forget the flowers, forget the chocolate, and definitely forget the giant teddy bears. I’m thinking that this classic DIY of ours is way better than any of that for Valentine’s Day!  We teamed up with North Star Balloons to make…Read More

DIY Pompom Drink Stirrers

Valentine Pompom Drink Stirrers // 5 Minute DIY

Bottoms up, Valentines! I wanted to put together a fresh DIY for all y’all who might be planning Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day festivities, but who might not have a whole lot of time. So if you’ve got cocktails on the…Read More

Six DIYs You Can Make By Valentine's Day

6 DIYs You Can Do Before Valentine’s Day

Hey lovers! We’re gallivanting around this week to celebrate a combo Valentine’s Day and my 35th (THIRTY FIFTH?!?) birthday, but I couldn’t leave you empty handed on a Friday. I care about you too much. So here for your clicking…Read More

X and O Cookies for a Tic Tac Toe Valentine

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine with X and O Cookies

Why have I never discovered slice-and-bake cookies before?! It’s such a cool take on sugar cookies, and right up your alley if you love to experiment with colors and shapes. We teamed up with Creativebug to learn a few sugar cookie techniques…Read More

How to Make a Modern Pop-Up Card for Valentine's Day

DIY Modern Valentine Pop-Up Cards

Pop up cards have always fascinated me! They’re so simple but so brilliant. In my head I have all these lofty aspirations of making those crazy fancy ones with lots of different levels and layers, but I figured — maybe…Read More