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Baby Stuff // 5

Woah you guys. Third trimester! This is happening, like for real. Time is flying and I feel like baby’s going to be here before we know it. The kid got real big, real quick. At least, that’s what it feels like….Read More

Baby Stuff

Baby Stuff // 4

The other day I asked the husb to help me notice any time I groan or sigh while I’m moving around. For some reason, now that I’m getting larger, I have all of these sounds happening! Like a big groan whenever…Read More

Baby Stuff // 3

I asked my husband to take a bump photo. He assured me that it was great. And that’s the face I was making. My double chins and I no longer trust him. It’s happening, guys. Random people are starting to make…Read More

Pregnancy Week 20

Baby Stuff // 2

Hey! IT’S A BOY! Yeah, dudes. We’re having a little fellow and we are pretty stoked. I can’t say that it came as a surprise — we had been calling Baby Lovely a “he” all along, because we just sort…Read More

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Baby Stuff // 1

Maybe because you have inquiring minds? Maybe because I’m an oversharer? Or maybe because I didn’t have anything else better to say today? Who knows. But this is what’s going on with me and the little buddy this week. xoxo…Read More

How to introduce your baby to solid foods

How to Introduce Your Baby to Solid Foods

We’ve leveled up again in the parenting game, guys. And I’m pretty excited about this one. We are officially done spoon-feeding our kids — and we’re almost to the point where we don’t even have to cut up food into…Read More

Ultimate Baby Registry List

The Ultimate Baby Registry List

At this point, I’ve helped about five new mama friends figure out what exactly to put on their registry. And each time, the list gets a little more refined as I add the things that we have used with Henry…Read More