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DIY Paint-Dipped Vase

April 18 2017 |
DIY Color Dipped Vase

This is actually a revamp of a project I did years ago, and it popped into my mind recently! I wanted a vase that had a pop of color on it, and all I have around the house is white…Read More

DIY Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces

April 17 2017 |
DIY Scandinavian Hoop Necklaces

I’m going to take a guess and say that you all have seen those Scandinavian hoop mobiles that are popping up everywhere recently? It seems like you can’t scroll through Instagram without a few showing up in your feed on someone’s wall. They are sort of a cross between a woven wall hanging and a mobile and I love them! Well, being the out of the box gal that I amRead More

Best of Lovely Indeed’s Easter Eggs

April 13 2017 |
DIY Typography Easter Eggs

Easter is this weekend, and I’m feeling the joy! It’s been such a beautiful spring. I’m so grateful for the chance to celebrate and be creative here in this space – hope you’ve found some inspiration for your Easter celebrations….Read More