overdue lists

it’s getting tense around here again, seeing as how we’re a week away from our second layoff. once more, we seem to be all on each others’ nerves and going a little bit bonkers. so here are some lists to remind myself (and some of those in doraland who shall remain nameless) that it’s really not that deep.

we could do with less:
passive agressive behavior
power trips
small theatre anger
dreary weather in the summer
three show days
muttering under your breath
diva ‘tude

we really love:
when people open their homes to us for parties!
the confetti canons (even though we won’t admit it)
hotel maid service
getting a paycheck every week
the prospect of what’s next
planning cast fun times
sundress sundays
people who can take a note
creativity onstage
easy-breezy attitudes
baby mosh pits
finishing a three-show day

people. relax.

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