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Out & About // The Getty Museum



A day at a museum always recharges me. I love that most museums have sort of a quiet, calm vibe, because it really makes you stop and try to understand why something is beautiful or important. The Getty Museum has long been one of my faves, ever since I visited on a high school trip. Mr. Lovely and I spent some time there with his family recently and I snapped a few photos.


The Getty has some truly humbling art (standing in front of a Van Gogh is seriously a moment in your life). But my favorite has always been the grounds. It’s set on the 405 on top of a bluff, and on a clear day you can see for miles. It’s all white and gorgeous, and the gardens are stunning. I could walk around and take pictures for hours.




One of the most awesome things about The Getty is that admission is free! You pay $15 to park, regardless of how many people are in your car. So pile your friends in, split the parking, and get some culture on the cheap. You can bring snacks or grab something there and have a little museum picnic on the grounds, and just enjoy the space. Can’t wait to get back there again! Have you ever been? What was your favorite painting? I remember standing in the Impressionist room for hours on my first trip! xoxo




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9 thoughts on “Out & About // The Getty Museum

  1. My favorite each time are the classic Greek & Roman sculptures. I walk in and you are literally surrounded by things that have spent more time on Earth than anyone of us could ever imagine. I also love the LA exhibit. Also, my heart burst when I saw the Gustavo Klimt exhibit — his artwork is something that takes my breath away. And Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture in he lobby.

    It’s one of my all-time favorites– a trip in high school also made me realize how amazing that place is. The grounds and even measurements of each tile perfectly measured to be multiples of one another. Perfection!

  2. I love the Getty. Have you ever been to Getty Villa?! My husband and I were suppose to go this past weekend to celebrate our anniversary (which BTW… happy anniversary to you!!) but I waited too long to make my reservation and couldn’t get in at a good time. I think you can also pay the $15 parking for one day and get into both places.

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