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Out & About // sprinkles ice cream


This is one joint that I’ve been dying to try since we moved to LA. So Mr. Lovely and I toodled our way to Beverly Hills the other day for a stop at Sprinkles Ice Cream (which is right next door to their cupcake shop — another on my list).



You guys, this place is like a clean, white, ice cream wonderland. They may not have 31 flavors, but the 15 or so that they do have are so gorgeous you won’t need anything else. And the way they describe their flavors is like poetry! Seriously, listen to the Salty Caramel: caramel ice cream flavored by small batch, housemade caramel and liberally sprinkled with imported fleur de sel crystals. Out of this world, right? And it tastes even better than it sounds.



I also tried the pistachio, which is absolutely beyond. And Mr. Lovely’s quote about the Cap’n Crunch flavor just about sums it up: “This ice cream is so good it’s almost rude.”

Next time we might have to split a Sprinkles Shake! The recipe? Two scoops of ice cream and a cupcake. Yeah, you read that right. xoxo



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9 thoughts on “Out & About // sprinkles ice cream

  1. That shop is seriously gorgeous! I can’t eat ice cream (Sad!!) but had a meeting there once (Yep, a work meeting! Gotta love it.) and everything looks so good. I had one of the cookies, which was delish too!

  2. I’ve been wanting to try their ice cream. It sounds (and looks) really good! Also on my LA ice cream to try list – Sweet Rose Creamery and Neveux Artisan Creamery.

  3. There’s a sprinkles in Georgetown! Obvious rival to Georgetown cupcakes (which is on my to-do list) but Sprinkles’ cupcakes are amazing! Love to get a few flavors and split them in quarters…though I always want more than a quarter of each cupcake!

  4. Basically Candace needs to get going on opening new Sprinkles ice cream shops, this place is divine! I was here a few months ago and got the red velvet ice cream in the red velvet cone … in one word, heaven! I need one of these in Orange County!!!

  5. A “clean, white ice cream wonderland” sounds like heaven to me. Making this my first stop when I get home! And you look gorgeous, Chels!!!

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