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I have a feeling that I’m going to catch some heat for saying this, but my favorite burger in NYC can be found at Shake Shack.  There’s just something about their hamburgers!  They’re perfect – you don’t even need to add ketchup or mustard.  They’re already as juicy and delicious as they could possibly get.  Add to that some crinkle-cut fries and a root beer float with some of the most yummy ice cream around, and you have one delicious meal.  And I mean delicious.

On top of all of that, Shake Shack is working to lessen their carbon footprint; new locations are being made with sustainable materials, they are offsetting electricity costs by using wind power, and they have compost piles, too!  Not to mention the fact that they use local ingredients whenever possible.  Totally scrumptious and environmentally friendly.  Let’s go to the Shack every day!  xoxo

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