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Today we say goodbye to Pittsburgh and move to the next city on our tour schedule.  I have to say, I’m not terribly upset by that, except for the fact that I’ll be leaving behind my new favorite thing:  Pittsburgh Popcorn.

I spotted the cute little shop walking to work on our first show day, and stopped in.  This place is a popcorn-lover’s dream — freshly popped, gourmet, delicious popcorn, in about a zillion amazing flavors.

Pittsburgh Popcorn has a standard menu of flavors (among the usuals:  Theatre-Style Butter, Caramel, Wisconsin Cheddar, Reese’s, and a few others), and rotates specialty flavors weekly in addition.  My two faves on their weekly specials?  Ginger Snap and Vanilla Buttercream.  I swear, the latter literally tastes like salty cupcake frosting.  It.  Was.  Perfection.

If you want to see more (or order some online!) visit their website here.  In the meantime, check out the photos below to see some of their other crazy flavors — I can’t believe I missed Dill Pickle.  xoxo

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