Out & About // Jazzmin’s Endless Wrap

So you might remember a couple of months back, we had a giveaway for this awesome endless wrap from Jazzmin! Well this month, Jazzmin is back as one of our awesome sponsors, and they asked if I might show a couple of my favorite ways to wear this super cool scarf. Naturally, I took this as an excuse to hit the town and document it with a little video action. So Mr. Lovely and I headed downtown to hang out at a few of our favorite places, while I experimented with a few new ways to wear the wrap. Seriously, the possibilities are kind of endless! I think my favorite ways to wear it are as a vest, and as a collar. But you be the judge! And are there any other ways you’d wear it? xoxo

Jazzmin from Chelsea Costa on Vimeo.

This post is sponsored by Jazzmin. All opinions are mine. Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who help keep Lovely Indeed up and running!

8 thoughts on “Out & About // Jazzmin’s Endless Wrap”

  1. That’s incredible! That scarf would be perfect for a day out and about, especially with it’s versatility as a scarf/vest/sweater.

    Great video!


    1. Definitely! So glad you like it. I actually found it was really useful for travel, too — perfect on a plane or in a car as an extra blanket that takes up hardly any room.

  2. What a great idea! That would make a wonderful gift, too, the wearer could arrange it the way she likes best for her.

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