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Our New Course Launches Tomorrow!

The Productivity Tool Kit

Tomorrow is the day!

Toward the end of last year, I realized that I was feeling pulled to help people in a very specific way. On the Lovely Indeed blog and social channels, we do our very best to provide super useful content that can elevate your everyday. But I’ve been feeling for some time like I wanted to go deeper and provide more. I have been wanting to create things that can not only brighten a day, but transform a life.

So I started thinking. What are my true strengths? What questions do people come to me with over and over? What am I passionate about? Where do people need the help that I can provide?

(These, by the way, are awesome questions to ask yourself too!)

The answers that came back? Teaching. I’m a great teacher. Organization and productivity. I’m great at those too. And it just so happens that those are the things that people ask me about over and over and over.

“Can I pick your brain? How do you get so much done?”
“Do you have any tips on being productive?”
“How do you structure your days?”

And it hit me like a bolt of lightning one day back in February of this year: Duh. You can teach people to get organized and productive.

And so here we are, almost eight months later, getting ready to launch Lovely Indeed’s very first online course:


Putting this course together has truly been a labor of love, each section and lesson meant to help make you feel more present and less overwhelmed in your life.

The tagline of the course is “Stress less. Live more.” And that’s truly what I think it’s gonna help people do. The tools and strategies in The Productivity Tool Kit aren’t just about checking things off of your to-do list. They’re about getting the things done that you want to be doing, with your best effort — so that you can then be more present and peaceful in the rest of your life.

Read that paragraph again. It’s CRAZY IMPORTANT. And it’s the heart of the whole thing.

Anyway, friend, I wanted to share this one more message with you to get you excited and to share MY excitement. I haven’t felt this pumped about a project in a long while. I believe in every bit of what’s inside The Productivity Tool Kit, and I can’t wait to show you more.

Get ready for tomorrow! Be sure you come back here or find us on Instagram to get a link to check out the course.

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