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Our First “Viral” Valentine Post

Just a fun little walk down memory lane today! Has anybody been hanging out with us long enough here on Lovely Indeed to remember the Valentine glitter garland?! I was looking through our Valentine’s Day archives and this popped up, and funnily enough it’s still one of our most popular V-Day projects! I have a special place in my heart for this little guy, because it was one of our first posts that went “viral.”

First of all, let’s just understand that for me, viral is relative. In 2011 when we made these, if something went viral it pretty much meant that it got shared on your idol’s blogs and on Buzzfeed or Huffington Post (all of which happened to this little project). It wasn’t like today, when something goes viral and it’s all you see in your Facebook feed for weeks until the next viral thing knocks it out of the algorithm. But I digress. A few larger bloggers shared it and then Ez, our friend from Creature Comforts (the blog is closed down but she’s still on Instagram!) shared it and all of a sudden I noticed a huge influx of traffic to the blog. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from for a short while and then finally traced it back to her! From there, lots of other big bloggers shared it and it helped put us on the map a little bit.

Revisiting this project has really got me thinking about the early days of blogging, especially in the DIY space, and how very different things are now. It makes me pretty nostalgic for those days; that’s kind of a whole other post, which maybe I’ll write someday. But there used to be lots more power in sharing other people’s work, and having yours shared as well. I still love to share and link when something amazing comes along, but I’m not sure that it holds the same value that it used to have. People are busy, there’s so much content to sort through online, and social media makes it easier to just get little bite-sized snippets of our lives and our work. I totally get it! This is no pity party or gripe session. It’s more like a love letter for “the old days.”

In any case! Check out these old photos, from before I knew what the heck I was doing with a camera! Haha! True story: these photos were taken in a hotel room in York, PA because I made this project while Ryan and I were on tour with Dreamworks’ Madagascar Live. Just saying that sentence is like a flashback to a different world! I should make the project again and take fresh photos just so I can do side-by-sides. But then again, I’ve pretty much put a ban on glitter in the studio. So there’s that. 😉

If you’d like to see the full tutorial and the original post, check it out here! xoxo

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1 thought on “Our First “Viral” Valentine Post

  1. I love your garland idea, and turns out they are very strong! Haven’t lost a one yet, and the hanging messages still inspire me every day. I have several, with different messages, and I interchange them at various times. Thank you!

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