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Oh, Paris


Original photo by the lovely Jenn Elliott Blake of Scout.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for some beyond exciting news. Mr. Lovely and I have been hatching a plan for our anniversary trip this year and things finally came together — we are going to Paris! We’re doing a home exchange with a lovely couple from Paris (in Les Marais) and I’m so, so excited. Our plan is to be based there for a couple of weeks and do day or overnight trips on the train to anywhere that might sound fun! And at the end of it all, we’re heading to London for a few days to wrap it up.

So here’s where I need help! I’ve been to Paris once, for just a few days, but it was a million years ago and I’d love your recommendations. And for that matter, I’d love to hear about any must-do things that are doable by train from Paris and in London as well. Our trip is in late August but I just can’t resist putting a few things on the itinerary.

Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

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18 thoughts on “Oh, Paris

  1. August, what a perfect time to go to France! A must-do then would be to catch a train for the Loire valley and visit vineyards. (or any other wine region for that matter)
    There is a fun map of the wine regions of France, to get you inspired:
    To me, late August would be white wine season, so -again- I’d strongly recommend Loire valley. Enjoy!!

  2. In Paris- Don’t miss a show at the Moulin Rouge! It’s pricey but very much worth it for the colors, dancing and beautiful french music. Also don’t miss Chateau de Versailles, you’ll fall in love with the gardens! Even though these two seem touristy- I think its a must see of the touristy things to do 🙂 Enjoy your trip! and eat tons of delicious macarons 🙂

    Keep up the fantastic work on the blog!

  3. Wow, so exciting! I admit I’m totally jealous. 😉 While you’re in Paris, if you haven’t been you should take a train to Germany for a night! Heidelberg is a 4-hour train ride away and is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Of course, I was born there, so I’m completely biased.

  4. Paris, wow! I stumbled upon your blog today, and as a very unseasoned blogger, your layout is so inspiring! Can you point me to where I can subscribe? Thanks!

  5. Lady, I’M going to Paris in September! Will and I are doing a delayed honeymoon (I call it the anniversarymoon) and are flying into London in late August and out of Paris in mid-September! I studied in Paris and Will hasn’t been there so I have to show him “my city”.

    The Marais is a wonderful place to stay – one of my favorite places in the city.

  6. Oh how exciting! One of my favorite things to do in Paris is grab a bottle of wine, some bread/cheese and head to the Arc de Triomphe at rush hour and watch the cars (there are benches to sit on). I also recommend seeing where there’s bar trivia. I found one through couchsurfing where each member of the team was from a different country 🙂

    Bon Voyage!

  7. What a thrill that you’re coming over to London. Here are some things I love being able to do here –
    1. borough market amazing food market with foods from all over Europe.
    2. Going to covent garden on a busy evening to see all the street performers.
    3.Walking along the south bank by the National, I get off the tube at Waterloo.
    4. Going to the national gallery in Trafalgar Square and seeing the amazing art by people like Constable.
    5. Sitting in Trafalgar Square by Nelson’s column with the lions and sometimes they have a different statue on the fourth plinth, a couple of years ago it was people and last year it was a massive ship in a bottle.
    6. Brick lane and shoreditch – the east of London is really up and coming. The bagels on brick lane are delish and they have amazing curries and vintagey shops and I just love it.
    It’s so easy in London to just do the big touristy things like Oxford street and Piccadilly but its much more fun to live like a Londoner.

    Have fun.

  8. In Paris

    – Sacre Coeur and the outdoor arts market nearby
    -L’Orangerie museum by the Eiffel Tour and the Louvre – houses all of Monet’s waterlily paintings…they are breathtaking in person!

  9. OH! How excited you must be!!! You’re gonna have the best time and what a great time of year to go!! Make sure you get to Montmartre and have a falafel sandwich is Le Marais (Falafel King is the best!). A nutella crepe from Marche des Enfants Rouges is also a MUST! Hope you have the best time sweet lady! xo! P.S. Love the pic 😉

  10. That is exciting! Here are some insight tips from a Parisian (me!) who now lives in Chicago!:
    1. Go the Sacre Coeur when the sun is setting (it’s the best view of Paris and it’s simply magical to see the lights being turned on as the sun comes down)
    2. On Sundays everything is closed except where you’ll be, i.e. the Marais so walk around the neighborhood, get lost and eat some awesome falafel sandwiches
    3. No matter where you want to go, use a Velib ( Get a weekly pass and you can ride bikes in Paris as often as you want. The first 30 minutes are free.
    4. Go to Laduree and eat some macarons ( If you become obsessed with them (as you will), then try to go to one of Pierre Herme’s places: he has crazy macarons such as foie gras macarons! (
    5. Get a baguette at Kayser Bakerie (Honestly the best in the entire city) I recommend the Baguette Malesherbes. (‎)
    6. Go to Les Buttes Chaumont and have a picnic (It’s an artificial hill that was created after the Hausmanization of Paris with all the dirt left over from the constructions)
    7. Go shopping at one of the very Parisian brand stores such as Les Petites, Sandro, Maje… They’re pretty pricey but if you do a google search for Maje Stock for example, you’ll find all the outlet locations in Paris!
    8. Go and buy some tea at Mariages Freres ( I recommend the store in the Marias because of how cute it is)
    9. Go to la Sainte Chapelle. Don’t do any research about it. Just go to 4 bd. du Palais and enjoy! It’s just BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    10. As for travelling through Europe, if you look on, you can find train tickets to major Enropean cities. If you book your ticket 2 months in advance you can find super cheap tickets (works for London, Bruxelles, Amsterdam…)
    11. GET LOST!!!! It’s the best way to discover the city (But just because you want to find your way back to your apartment, get one of these:

    I hope my 2 cts help!

  11. Enjoy! Amiens is a very quaint city in the Somme region, about an hour out of Gare du Nord – think cobbled streets and the biggest (stunning) cathedral in France. It’s also on a series of canals and you can get little boat trips around and see everyone’s gardens.

    In Paris itself – recommend the bateau bus – you can hop on and off as many times as you want and it’s a lovely way to travel around the city. Personally, I think the Musee D’Orsay is better than the Louvre – although the Louvre is a stunning building.

    Not sure how long it would take to get there by train but Brittany is lovely – Point de la Torche is fab for surfing!

    In London, the parks are the best! The restaurant at the top of the National Portrait gallery is amazing. Also download the Yplan app – loads of last minute cheap tickets.

  12. I am completely red with jealousy over here! I’ve been dreaming of going since I was little and just can’t wait till I finally can!

  13. I would recommand visiting this lovely shop
    ( I have some jewellery there 🙂 ) and
    also a japanese brand that you may be know from where you live muji
    you also have them in england

    If you like textile, this shop has a lot
    next to it is the pylone shop

    and of course le centre george pompidou ( the museum of modern art

    last piece of advice, wath your bags, pickpockets are in Paris too !

    have a nice trip !

  14. As someone already commented, the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, as are MOST museums in France, but they are open on Sundays…I guess the museum workers just need a day off like the rest of us :]

    – Eat viennoises, pains au chocolat, baguettes, macarons, and croissants…seriously, they have the best.
    – Picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower (the sun sets right behind it…so perfect! And it sparkles for five minutes every hour on the hour once it’s dark) or at les Tuileries.
    – Buy wine from the grocery store (Carrefour, Monoprix, Franprix)…it is ALL amazing, even the cheap stuff!
    – Hard cider, also available at the grocery store.
    – La Musée d’Orsay and la Carnavalet are my favorite museums, plus the Carnavalet is free :]
    – Versailles
    – Notre Dame is my favorite church/place in Paris
    – Metro stop St. Michel has a lot of really cute streets around that are fun to explore
    – Le Marais has awesome falafel!

    That’s all I can think of for now :] Seriously though Paris is amazing. And I can’t over emphasize how amazing all of the bakery items are…!

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