Oh, I Want To Go


Image by Jeremy K. Spencer.

Serious case of wanderlust happening over here right now. And it’s a good thing, because we’re going to be away from home for about 6 weeks soon — May and June are full of work trips, play trips, and family business that’s taking us out of town (lots more details to come).

But I think that Mr. Lovely and I have lived this crazy, on-the-road life for so long because of all the touring that now if we are in one place for more than a few months, we both get a little itchy. And I’m pretty cool with that. I’ve always had a desire to go and see everything. Just everything. To be honest, it’s almost overwhelming sometimes because I feel stressed about seeing as many places as I can. I want to get to know the whole world.

For today though, I’ll have to trick myself into thinking that I’m jetting off to somewhere amazing. I think if I could go anywhere today, it would be Paris. And I’d run around with my camera in one hand and a baguette in the other, just doin’ my thang. I’d stop at a flea market and then a flower shop, and then go sit on my patio and sip something delicious while the sun went down. There. That sounds good.

Come on, play! If you could go anywhere today, where would it be? xoxo

10 thoughts on “Oh, I Want To Go”

  1. My family has moved my entire life and I’ve loved the countries I’ve been able to explore because of it. I’m going to Spain & Portugal this summer and can barely wait!

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