new yearsies

So, can I just say that the big 2009-2010 switcharoo was probably my favorite New Year’s celebration ever? First of all, I was reunited with my Bestie after the China debacle, and a good time always ensues when Bestos are together. Secondly, we were in Santa Monica, which is such a cool town you can’t help but feel the love. Thirdly, we went to a swingin’ (yet oddly chill) party at a hip restaurant, which was the perfect place to be. And bringing up the rear is my adorable guy, who always makes me feel like the belle of the ball.

So we drove to SaMo, hung out on the pier for a bit, pre-partied, partied, and slept. The next day we woke up and spent the morning on the beach taking photos of the surfers, the babies playing, and each other, and the weather was flip-flop-flabulous. (Huh?) Then we met back up with Besto and her folks, after a gorgeous drive up the coast and through the canyons. Brunch was Mexican food, and then we hit the road to chill out in Downtown Disney. Follow that up with two days in the parks, sprinkle in a sister and a brother in law (and some fun friends), and that, friends, is the best that a girl could ask for.

Happy New Year to all!  xoxo

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