A New (Old) Home


Well y’all, we were getting itchy for a new place to live with baby coming and all, and we found one! In our own backyard. Well, kind of. It actually is our own backyard. Let me explain.

I’ve actually owned a home in Central California during the time that we’ve lived in NYC and LA, and had renters living there and taking care of the place. It was a home that we thought we’d return to “someday,” when the time felt right. So when we needed a bigger space for baby and were looking around LA for homes, we slowly came to realize that it was kind of silly to look for a new place when this beautiful home on a tree-lined street (that’s the neighborhood, in the photo above) was there waiting for us. And suddenly the time felt right, so here we go!

Our only qualm was leaving LA and our friends here, but the extra exciting thing is that we’ll be super close to family so baby will have cousins and grandparents and aunties and uncles to grow up with. I’m so, so excited to work on the house and share a zillion new projects and updates. And I’m beyond excited to make a home and a life there with Mr. Lovely and the Little Lovely on the way.

So! That’s our news! I’ll be sharing updates, photos, and more, coming soon. Here’s to a new adventure! xoxo

9 thoughts on “A New (Old) Home”

  1. Congratulations!! Having family close by to help with a new baby and your sanity is really worth more than you’ll ever know (well, you will know) 🙂

  2. yeayyy! this is so wonderful for you <3
    when i made the decision 3 years ago to full time move back here and help my parents out for the forseeable future- i felt a HUGE sense of relief, which let me know it was unequivocally the right thing to do. coming home can feel so good <3 i'm excited for you and your family, merms 😀 <3

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