New Business Cards {And a Reader Discount!}

Gold Foil Business Cards

Gold Foil Business Cards

While I’m running around Alt this week passing out Lovely Indeed’s new business cards, I thought I’d give you all a little peek as well! Rachel from Lupa & Pepi designed another set of business cards for me this year, and I love ’em so much I’m wiggling my toes.

If you remember last year’s cards, these probably look a little familiar. But what we didn’t have last year was — oh, I dunno — gold foilI’m seriously so pumped about the foil embossing with the letterpress I feel like it’s Christmas all over again. Gold has become such a staple around here I thought it would be cool to include some on the cards, so Rachel made it happen. And I love that the little heart still has a pop of color on the front.

On the backside, Rachel actually had a kind of crazy idea that I ended up loving and going for. Because the card is so simple and clean, she suggested just including my logo, name, and the @lovelyindeed handle. Since I recently switched all of my social media over to the same username, I kind of thought it was cool. And I know it’s a bit of a risk, not including a web address or an email address, but I kind of love it! It feels different and fun, and hopefully people will know that there are a million ways to find me at @lovelyindeed or In any case, it was a decision that I’m glad I made, and I loved Rachel’s suggestion! The rest of the backside is a full bleed letterpress (in reverse, so the only thing that doesn’t have color is the information).

Gold Foil Business Cards

Gold Foil Business Cards

It’s just so wonderful to collaborate with other creatives — I love that we made something together that wouldn’t have existed if only one of us was working on the project! Be sure to check out Lupa & Pepi to see more of Rachel’s work. (I’m loving this new pattern in her shop!) She’s also offering a reader discount of 20% off design fees on custom business cards, so check it out if you’re in the market for some awesome. Just email Rachel at [email protected] and mention Lovely Indeed before January 31! xoxo

P.S. Yeah, my name is different now. It only took me two and a half years to take Mr. Lovely’s last name!

Gold Foil Business Cards

Gold Foil Business Cards

21 thoughts on “New Business Cards {And a Reader Discount!}”

  1. Love these so much! Yay for gold foil. 🙂 Can I ask where you got that tape that says Hello! ? Is it Washi? Super adorable. Have so much fun this week girl!

  2. I NOTICED. Do I get a prize?
    Love the new cards and I love just using your handle. There’s an “everything all in one place” feel to it.
    And I love your Oh, Hello Friend tape. DON’T think I let that slip by.

  3. I love these so very much! Cute business cards are just the best. Love the little holder too!!
    I just went to SSN to change my name legally too, haven’t yet made it to DMV. I’m having a slight identity crisis. <3

  4. This is so well-timed! I’ve been meaning to contact her about some cards for myself.

    I’ve noticed the “Foy” change around lately. I like it 🙂

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