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How to Move Like a Pro // Essentials

Moving Day Essentials

Between the two of us combined, Ryan and I have moved a total of 12 times since we graduated college. Some of them were just a few blocks away, like when we moved from 184th to 181st in NYC. And some of them were across state lines (or across the country… twice). Suffice it to say we have nailed down our moving system and refined it pretty well. For this last move, I gotta say I was pretty impressed with us — we had a list of essentials that we kept out until the very end, packed all in one box, and tossed in the back of the car. It was perfect. Even on our last day in the house, with all of our belongings packed and in a truck, we were comfy and had everything we need. When we arrived at our new spot, this box was the first to come with us to give us a head start in the new place. If you’ve got a move coming, here’s our list of essentials.

Personal Items. This one kind of covers anything you’d put in your suitcase — a few sets of clothes, your toiletries, any meds, and the like. Think of it like you’re packing a weekend bag.

Moving Day Essentials

Tech. This is always a major one for us because our jobs basically revolve around having access to the internet! We always hold on to our router for as long as possible, or in this latest case, borrow internet for a couple of days from a nice neighbor. Also be sure you have a charger for every device you have, and some music or movies loaded and handy.

Bedding. Make yourself comfy, y’all! We spent our last night on a big ol’ air mattress with our own sheets and pillows. It helps a bunch to get a good nights’ sleep. And then you have your sheets handy when you move into the new place.

Tissues. Crucial! Tissues can serve a million purposes in your final days when things are packed! They’re towels, napkins, toilet paper, and obviously useful when you shed a tear or two because you’re stressed out that not all of your stuff is going to make it to the new town. The Puffs SoftPack is perfect for moving because it’s a full-sized pack of tissues but the packaging is soft so you can shove it anywhere! Stuff it in a box, in your bag, in a suitcase, or in your glove box, and it’s all good. These are now my go-to tissues for travel. I’ve got packages stuffed everywhere (and they’re cute too).

Moving Day Essentials

Cleaner. We keep out one all-purpose bottle of cleaner to give the house one final wipe-down after all of the boxes are gone. The best kind is the spray-on/wipe-off, so you don’t have to rinse. Just spritz everything and use your Puffs tissues to wipe down so the house is fresh and clean. (Particularly good for apartments, when you’re trying to get a cleaning deposit back!)

Disposable Plates & Utensils. We had our kitchen packed up about three days before we moved, but didn’t want to eat out for every meal. So we set aside one frying pan and a bunch of disposable plates and ate homecooked meals all week. Easy peasy.

Snacks. Duh. This pregnant girl gets cranky if there’s not a sensible granola bar around for an afternoon snack.

What about you? Are you a moving pro? I gotta say, the storage room with all of our stuff in it stacked in boxes makes me super glad we have our essentials handy. I’d love to know how you tackle the final few days in an old place and the first few in a new place. What are your essentials? xoxo

This post was brought to you by the makers of Puffs® facial tissues. I received compensation to write this post through the Puffs® SoftPack™ program. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  3. I am not yet a moving pro but I’m hoping to move soon and hope to be a pro by the time it’s over. I’ll be using these handy tips!

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  4. Thanks for the moving tips! It can be such a hassle and I appreciate the ideas! Puffs are great, by the way. Glad to see them as a sponsor! I’ve been a loyal fan ever since they sent me a care package through twitter. 🙂

Free Email Series

Easter Outside the Basket!

5 DIYs for a Creative + Colorful Easter

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